Second Update 1000 SP Delegation Giveaway - There Are 2 Spots Left

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Second Update 1000 SP Delegation Giveaway

So this is the second update about the progress of my 1000 SP delegation giveaway, and you can read about the launch and about the first update here, plus all requirements to qualify for it.

  1. Ebook Just Launched: CTP Makes You Money - Plus Giveaway Of 1000 Steem Power Delegation
  2. Update 1000 Steem Power Delegation - Thank You For Signing Up To My Ebook

New Subscribers Qualified For 50 SP Delegation Each

So as of now there are 12 subscribers that have signed up to my ebook and list, and that is 3 more than in my last update, 2 of those are qualified to get a 50 Steem Power Delegation each, and as these delegations are delivered as an 18 week lease from the Market I have paid for that and they have also been filled, and they are.


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There Are 2 Spots Left

This means that there are now 2 spots left to qualify for a 50 SP delegation, so read the requirements in the launch post, and then sign up for my ebook, CTP Makes You Money, and if you meet the requirements I will lease 50 SP for 18 weeks for you, just note there is only 2 spots left.

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Progress Of Already Paid Leases

So it seems that the busy Christmas time means a bit less people delegating on Dlease right now, of the leases that I paid for in the first update 4 have been filled, but right now 3 still remains to be filled, and to not have to wait that long I paid a bit more for the 2 leases above and that got them filled faster, and the ones that still remains to be filled is.

@bradleyarrow - who signed up first and got the 500 SP for 18 weeks
@ianballantine - who go 50 SP for 18 weeks
@elianaicgomes - who also got 50 SP for 18 weeks

All are up on the first page in the Dlease Market so they should be filled quite soon, and I am sorry that it takes a bit longer than I expected, if any of you have Steem Power to delegate you can get paid to fill them in the Market, they do daily payouts on these leases.

Thank You!

Thank you very much for reading this post, and I hope that you will find my ebook useful and to your liking, and ...

Stay Awesome!

Erik Gustafsson

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Thank you so much for the giveaway Mister Awesome!

As always you ebook will help a lot of members!

Your hard work will be all be paid off soon if not already :)

Thanks Eliana, I am glad you like the ebook, and your delegation has also arrived, stay awesome.

 last year (edited)

That's a great Christmas gift. Thanks and keep it up.

Thanks @ubani, and do sign up and claim it, there is 1 spot left as I am writing this comment.

Thank you very much. I've signed up comfirmed my email address

Thanks for signing up, I just paid for a delegation to you, and I see it's been filled, enjoy it.


 last year (edited)

That's a good one. Thanks a lot Erik.

Thanks @ubani, use it and grow, and Merry Christmas.

@flaxz, I think very soon some Steemians will win those 2 delegations.
Stay awesome!

Thanks @cryptospa, yeah they maybe already be taken, just need to get their Steem handle's.