Ebook Just Launched: CTP Makes You Money - Plus Giveaway Of 1000 Steem Power Delegation

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Made in Canva

My New Ebook Is Now Launched

It's finally here, the ebook that I have just written is now published, it's called Click Track Profit - Makes You Money, and you can now download it for free by clicking here, and then follow the instructions by signing up to my email list and confirm your subscription.

As I have talked about before it's a companion to the standard CTP email follow up series, and it focus on the 3 B's of CTP, which is the following points.

  • Build Your Knowledge
  • Build Your List
  • Build Your Brand

You also have the right to rebrand all affiliate links for free by following the instructions inside, and to give it away to anyone you want, using it as a Lead Magnet to build your own list for example.


I will be launching some more graphics in the following days for this ebook, but these 2 are the ones that I have available right now.

Made in Canva

Made in Canva

LCP's And Splash Pages

The standard Lead Capture Page for this campaign is the one linked above and in this sentence, but I will also launch at least one more LCP, plus also some splash pages and those will be built on the graphics that I have previously published on Appics, and to be fully honest I have already made them, I just realised that they need to brand me also, plus have a call to action, so I will just edit and update those in the following days.

Giveaway Of 1000 Steem Power Delegation

So this is the big surprise I was talking about earlier, and the delegation itself will be a lease for 18 weeks from Dlease.io, and there are 2 parts of this, and to participate you need to meet these requirements.

  1. Have a Steem account
  2. Have a Reputation of 25 and above
  3. Not be blacklisted (I will check)
  4. Fully confirm your subscription

Each part also has it's own requirements.

Part 1 - 500 SP Delegation To The First Signup

This is the big part, and that is a 500 SP delegation to the very first person who signs up, given of course that they are qualified according to the requirements above, plus the following one.

  1. Have a Reputation of 40 and above

Part 2 - 50 SP Delegation To The First 10 Signups After The One In Part 1

So the first 10 signups after the very first signup from Part 1 will each get a 50 SP delegation, given that they qualify for the general requirements, plus the following one.

  1. Have an owned SP of 500 or less (not counting delegations)

Update On Tuesday

I will make an update on how this is progressing and how the delegations move forward tomorrow on Tuesday, December 17, 2019.

Good Luck!

Thank You!

Thank you very much for reading this post, and I hope you like what I have written and my new ebook, good luck in the SP giveaway, and ...

Stay Awesome!

Erik Gustafsson

This is all my own personal opinion, do your own research before investing, and seek legal counsel if uncertain.

Join me on Discord: https://discord.gg/F6cCZ2N

Join me on ClickTrackProfit: https://clicktrackprofit.com/flaxz

Guide: How To Create - Your Own Sales Funnel

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Graphics made in Canva

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nice one

Thank you very much Elizabeta, and you got a 50 SP delegation, stay awesome.

Very impressive. Great source for CTP info.

Thank you very much @getyso, and do grab the ebook and get the bonus before all spots are taken, have an awesome day.

Great e-book, Erik! Awesome job!

A lot of great info inside for the beginner, but also for the more experienced users to go back on the right track... ;)

Hey @ph1102, here is a little bit of BEER from @flaxz for you. Enjoy it!

Thank you very much Zoltan, I am glad you like it, you had too much SP to qualify for the giveaway, so skål !BEER !tip

The beer is enough :)


Thanks Erik, I have downloaded your rebrandable e-book and will get on to rebranding as soon as I get a chance. Thanks a lot!

Thank you very much Ian, and I have just leased a delegation of 50 SP for you, it should not take long to be filled, stay awesome.

Thanks heaps Erik, that 50SP will come in very useful for the next month or so. I love your idea of leasing SP and handing that out as prizes. Shows a maturity and commitment to Steem and fellow steemians, attributes I attend to adopt in the months ahead. Your actions are that of a true leader, and I am glad to have you as my friend, Erik.

Thanks Ian, your a great friend, last I checked 3 out of 7 leases had been filled, stay awesome.

Was I first? Lol

Thank you very much for signing up Bradley, and you will see tomorrow, stay awesome.

Just signed up for free ebook good job on this

Thank you very much Howard, and look for the giveaway update tomorrow.

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