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RE: Can Money Makes You Happy

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Money is the most important in this life we are now, a poor person that finds it hard to feed can't be happy, a hungry man is an angry man, and we need money to buy food, secondly people don't love someone who has no money, ladies don't wanna date guys with no money, and also if you want to have fun and live in luxury , you need money.. in my own is very important and money brings happiness...


Yes it is indeed I have pass my months without money that was really hard to see others having all the stuffs and you have nothing. I have real a lot from that time be patience your time will also come just do what you are best at and sure you will get success may be you will be not that much popular but you can earn what you wish to be. we just have to keep doing it never quit.
quitting is not a option. 🙏💪