Can Money Makes You Happy

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The Topic is really controversial, many peoples say yes and many says No, everyone have there right to say and decide what they really think there is no topic in the entire world fore which all will no or will say yes, is there any?

Money -

Money is any item or verifiable record that is generally accepted as payment for goods and services and repayment of debts, such as taxes, in a particular country or socio-economic context.

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You hear folks on a regular basis say, “money is amazing”, I purchase what I want, when I need and the way I want, on my terms, You then additionally hear folks say, “money is the foundation to all evil” both as a result of they don't own it or as a result of they see individuals with cash as a threat. Weirdly enough

Money is the basic need for all of us and we all are fully depend on that, without money we are nothing and can't do most the basic things of our life and we all earning it to survive and live here. we need money to buy any things in past old times the elders use to trade and exchange things and living there life but now life is totally changed from then. Money is everything in this current era and is soo true if you have money you have all luxury of the life, you can travel anywhere , anytime and more others you can do if you have money

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Money is Happiness?

Is money is happiness ? maybe or maybe not it all depends who has it.
If you x amount to any rich he don't be that much happy and he will show you he is happy but he don;t really cares a lot what ever the amount you gave him its always less for him he will be greedy as always.
But If you gave the x amount if money to the person who really need it if they have the x amount of money then they will sure do something they really want.
If money can solve there needs then sure it will sure brings happiness else it is worth.

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Money is the most important in this life we are now, a poor person that finds it hard to feed can't be happy, a hungry man is an angry man, and we need money to buy food, secondly people don't love someone who has no money, ladies don't wanna date guys with no money, and also if you want to have fun and live in luxury , you need money.. in my own is very important and money brings happiness...

Yes it is indeed I have pass my months without money that was really hard to see others having all the stuffs and you have nothing. I have real a lot from that time be patience your time will also come just do what you are best at and sure you will get success may be you will be not that much popular but you can earn what you wish to be. we just have to keep doing it never quit.
quitting is not a option. 🙏💪

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Yes, I just saw someone say recently, "Money can't buy happiness, but it sure can alleviate some misery" and I agree. Studies show that there is a certain level of money that will be different from place to place depending on cost of living and whatnot, that up to that point increased money does increase happiness, because it really just means that it's easier to get your basic needs and wants met. But after that point, it doesn't increase your happiness any more. So basically, once you have your home, food, clothes, transportation, kids in a good school, etc., and can treat yourself sometimes - that's all you really need and becoming extra rich doesn't make you extra happy.

Agree if you have money that is sufficient to the daily uses and other expanses for you then the extra will not make you happy indeed, If you have extra money then it sure makes us unhappy and we are also worried about the money 🙏

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