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Uniswap is literally becoming a playground for the rich.

How the fuck do they plan to allow retailers and small investors to participate? 2 transactions cost more than the average paycheck LOL.

We can only imagine what will happen once ETH starts following the BTC pattern. Most of the small stakeholders will be held hostage due to high fees that surpass the value they wanna withdraw haha.

That's why we should focus on supporting wrapped Hive on BSC instead of UNI - at least until eth completely migrates to PoS.

Binance Smart Chain has been doing a wonderful job and the fees there are about 100x times lower than Uniswap

I wonder how it reflects on yield farming. It's far more lucrative to provide liquidity on ETH - due to high fees.

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Yeah, you're true about that. I bought some small Uni bags in December and now it costs more to withdraw them even though I'm in profit. Gotta wait more.

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