I Am Engaged Challenge 10-17-2020

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Hello Everyone,

"I Am Engaged" Challenge 10/17/2020

Due to HF24 glitches I have not published an IAEC post in a few days. But things seem to be getting back to normal. Enjoy today's posts!

For more information about this challenge check out the Day 1 post.

It all starts with Engagement

  1. Engage with at least 5 people everyday by upvoting and commenting on their posts at CTP Talk or Hive.

  2. Follow the people you engage with.

  3. Write a post on your CTP Talk or Hive account listing the usernames and the post of the people where you upvoted and commented. Also write a little bit about the post you are highlighting.

  4. Use the hashtag #IAmEngaged to spread the word

Today's Content

Here is todays post for the "I An Engaged Challenge"

I upvoted and commented at

  1. A Little Project That Means The World To Me... by @jongolson. Introduction to The Kingdom community https://peakd.com/hive-142376/@jongolson/a-little-project-that-means-the-world-to-me

  2. Fungi Friday - EARLY AUTUMN IN THE WOODS by @borjan Some great picture and an interesting journey through nature

  3. Good Morning & Happy Saturday... by @pixiepost Another great quote and picture

  4. Please welcome my bro @sandymeyer on joining the **clicktrackprofi ... by @globetrottergcc Let's show him how friendly we are!

  5. Touches of Rainfed Flowers by @chayan55 Add some brilliant color to your day

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Thank you so much for including me among a list of great people! It is always inspiring to see these posts on HIVE...😊

Have a wonderful weekend, my friend. 💖🙌

Thank you for your kind gesture.
Have an amazing weekend!

You are welcome