Have an Unicornial New Year!!

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It's the beginning of a new decade!

It is time, if you didn't yet, to write down your goals!

No need to do it for the next decade, better start small, like small goals for this month! Or even this week and then adding new other as you achieve the previous ones!

To be honest, I still didn't write mine yet...

But there is one thing I will be doing...

I will be saving Unicorns!!

There's a new feature inside Click Track Profit that every time you subscribe to a list from the Unicorn Oasis and read the emails, you save a Unicorn!


Because it's Unicorns!!

If you're not still inside Click Track Profit , you should right now!

You'll save Pixies!!

Hope you have a fantastic 2020!


I promise to save Unicorns because Pixies are guardians & must protect them all. So among many goals I have, this Pixie will be putting this high on the list 😉🧚

Happy New Year, sis 💚💛💕

So of to the dictionary I went no Unicornial wasn't there so then I went to GooGle
and look what it told me.

definition for Unicornial. Top Definition. Loyda. a person who is amazing. She is usually very happy and loves to laugh! She is a big reader and loves anything....

Be damned that reads as a good example of you @elianaicgomes

Oh my I didn't know that the word really existed ahaha

Hi Eliana

Thanks for all the awesome posts and pages you have produced in 2019, look forward to many more in 2020

Have a great day

Hi Eliana, Thank you for your post on goals and saving the Unicorns! I am just getting started and trying to keep up. I am right about where you said you are on setting the goals but the more we do in saving the Unicorns in #CTP the more we will be receiving great advice on achieving success!

Looking to save many unicorns we need more people to get involved so we can all save more unicorns.

Saving Unicorns is becomeing a fun thing to do great post.

hunting..um, I mean, SAVING unicorns as fast as I can....

Thanks Eliana for your lovely article. May you and your loved ones also have a fantastic year. Unicornial is a wonderful new word and goes well with alicornial. Great to see that we have another neologist in our CTP tribe!

Saving Unicorns is a great goal @elanaicgomes, and you get wheel spins by doing so, and I agree @blainjones should definitely give out rewards for saving Pixies each time you get a referral, have an Awesome Year ahead, keep up your great work and stay awesome.

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