Happy 2021 to all and we kickstart with some Bullion

Hi all,

And a happy 2021 to all,
and what a way to kickstart the bullion with this.



As you can see this the 1g of Fine Gold which I got from the eBay which they call themself the silverminers


Except due to my stupidity I bought it on their eBay site and not from there website because it could have saved me up to 10%.

This fine 1g of gold is probably one of my biggest expensive gold that I have bought to date so far on the side of gold.

So now in my inventory of Gold, I'm on 1.5g of gold which is worth £67.70 according to coinapps.

So to all, stay safe and Have a good Day 1 of this brand new year of 2021

SilverGoldHunter (SGH)



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Thanks for showing another way of storing stackable wealth, @silvergoldhunter.

What a way to start the year!!!'
Happy New Year!!!

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