Feeling The Heat From The Hive Torch!

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Boom! Thanks to @geekgirl for passing me the Torch as I found out the pretty warming news on Twitter yesterday whilst the UK was nestling in to -7 Celsius temperatures for one more day! Good timing really as I could use the heat from the torch to keep warm! Thanks a lot to @traciyork too who mentioned me along with some others she's networked with - an honour on both fronts!



What is the Hive Torch?

Well, it started previously on STEEM by @geekgirl herself (so you can see why I was a little taken aback) but was migrated to HIVE with @stayoutoftherz and the fun and games continue! You can check the progress and more about it all here.

The whole point of it is to "demonstrate the speed and trust in transferring value on the Hive chain" by moving the HIVE between users, adding 1 HIVE to the tally along the way. A total of 333 transfers will be done with a vote at the end to see what happens with the amount collected. Whether it goes to charity or some other worthwhile causes will be decided as and when.

According to the memo, I was number 266 so I've added 1 HIVE and, now I'm warmed up from the heat of the torch, have passed it on to someone who I know and trust completely and that HIVE legend is @fionasfavourites! She's very active in interacting on Twitter and welcoming new folks to Hive, giving advice and offering help so I didn't really have a choice (plus Traci York mentioned her in the same list of names as me in reply to Geek Girl yesterday so it made my mind up)!

So, number 267 - @fionasfavourites, it's over to you Torch Bearer!


Have you been torched yet?

Take care


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What an honour to be sent the @hivetorch. Thank you @nickyhavey. I shall send it on post haste.

You're most welcome and I know it's in great hands! Keep up the great work with all you do on HIVE my friend!

that's great sir, The Heat From The Hive Torch! keep UK warm that great 🔥🎇🤝🙏

Haha! Yeah man, you know how it is, got to keep our hands warm here! Love the emoji story you created, that's exactly how it was 😂

Thats great sir, if the hands are worm we can sure help other with hands its kind of hard to help 🙏🤝

Have you been torched yet?

Nope, never had that unique honor yet. I like the idea though, of this perpetual torch of hive $$$ being passed around for eternity lol

It is like some type of unstoppable symbol of the power of blockchain community... I'm tearing up here. Nuff of that, have a kick ass fire-y gif.

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