has the true potential to take HIVE to the next level

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Create Tokens + Smart Contracts on the Hive blockchain.

Thank you for everyone who is working towards building hive-engine.

We need more tokens like $LEO with high market-cap on hive-engine.

Please contribute to hive-engine in anyway you can.

Thank you.

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Aggy is really on fire. Look like after getting criticized for farm, Aggy is rocking with HE updates.

Aggy is a HIVE legend!

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I am so glad to see it moving towards a real sidechain.

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I am super excited about the Hive-Engine and to be able to add smart contracts to the tokens.

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hive-engine is top notch
as the 2nd layer tokens and the number of smart contracts grow,
hive-engine will be the go to place for transactions.

I do watching the balances and values of all the tokens there

So true, I already created the token. not working on it at the moment but will launch it soon with a great plan

Good luck :)

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I use it daily. I have some concepts about incorporating other social media tokens and coins on hive engine. That would bring so many more individuals.

Tokenisation is gonna be HUGE

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What's also GIGANTIC is FEELESS TRANSACTIONS on the exchange... So I can piddle my pennies and honestly not lose if I tried!

I really like Hive-Engine.

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