Are you inspired by success stories?

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Sam Walton, a successful conglomerate founder of Walmart, an American retail company that has been recognized around the world. In 1992 alone, at the end of his life, Walton's fortune was estimated at US $ 23 billion.

A fragment of the life story of a successful person is so beautiful when written in a book or story. Maybe, we like reading the story, but how much influence do success stories have on the business we do? I find success stories inspiring but only brief. The burning spirit will disappear as the difficulties we face.

Sometimes we read success stories to inspire. Motivation comes from within, but inspiration sometimes comes from outside.Is it when you read a motivational book or listen to an orator passionately burning our spirits will make that spirit burn?

Well, this is just sharing experiences. When we are motivated by the outside world, perhaps that motivation is only temporary. Real motivation comes from inner power. Sometimes motivation comes from life's heavy pressures or from a strong desire to get something. Unstoppable desire will make dreams come true.

But it must be remembered, motivation is not enough, improving skills will really help maintain motivation. A boxer who is in the ring struggles between life and death. When motivation is great but he is lacking in technical skills, he will lose to an opponent who has the same motivation but has more skills. So, improving skills will help maintain motivation and easily achieve dreams.


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