$#&% Not Another Tribe!!!! Introducing ClickTrackProfit & The CTP Token

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The TL;DR Stuff....:
1. CTP Token is 'officially' launched!
2. Affiliate marketing needs a new home away from PayPal...Blockchain has the potential to cater to this multi-million dollar industry!
3. ClickTrackProfit.com is proud to embrace not only crypto as a whole, but specifically Steem!
4. Our condenser can be found at CTPtalk.com
5. The CTPM is ready to be purchased, staked and start mining CTP tokens!
6. I love you all :)

Hi I'm Jon.....Better known as Jongo, Jon Golson or even by my real name...Jon G. Olson lol (@jongolson on STEEM)

I joined Steem in December 2017 after arguably one of the roughest patches in my professional life. My beloved industry (affiliate marketing) that I had fed my family with since the early 2000's was in deep trouble...

A huge chunk of us in affiliate marketing put all our eggs in one basket.... and that basket was PayPal.

Yeah, not the smartest decision I've ever made but I had no reason not to trust them....Up until that year, I had been a member of PayPal since 2001. My entire life depended on it, lesson learned and hindsight is 20-20....

So they started shutting everyone down. No reason. No answers to social media questions, support tickets...Nothing. All we could get was...'Your site broke our A.U.P. (acceptable use policy) and that's the final decision'

So for almost 17 years, I never broke their policies...But all of a sudden my business and countless other affiliate marketers in the industry got shut down...

It was really bad...

But enough of my sob story because without that experience...I would have never found Steem :)

Let's just say....I've been addicted since day one lol

As soon as I discovered Steem and learned about SMT's, all I kept thinking to myself was...This is the perfect blockchain for affiliate marketers.

We're a different breed...

We see opportunity and embrace it..But a lot of us aren't the most technically savvy. (And I'm the first to raise my hand...Ask the Steem-Engine guys, they are sick of my questions lol)

We can sit in front of a camera, write blog posts, draft emails and create ad copy with no issues at all....But get us learning basic HTML and we will find a way to mess it up ;)

Steem seemed perfect! We could actually learn by using this stuff. No complicated wallets to master, no Meta Mask to download...Just one account, use it, power it up and do what we do best....Build relationships :)

This got me thinking about how I could bring the best of what I could offer (via my affiliate marketing training site ClickTrackProfit) and see how it could benefit Steem!

And so.... ClickTrackProfit.com was re-launched about a week ago and with it...The birth of the CTP Token.

Great...A Bunch Of 'Marketers' On Steem...

Let me be clear on what CTP is...Because affiliate marketing, at times rightfully so ...Has a horrible reputation!

This is NOT a get rich quick site at all...In fact, a bunch of our training teaches members to expect to this journey to last for years lol We try to scare away the 'get rich quick seekers' from day one...

Most members we attract though are brand new to the industry. They learn by doing, as it's part of the entire DNA of the program. They are taught that the important parts of their journey are just that...The journey and what they learn on it!

They are amazing people, ready to take action but just like everyone new to anything, they will make mistakes. I know I have numerous times in my businesses...

That's why I wanted to build on Steem....This community is the BEST out there!

So here's how ClickTrackProfit works...

1. Members learn about various traffic sources and social media in the 'Click' module. They learn to develop relationships with others and grow their networks organically through social media platforms. They don't just learn it, they are rewarded for 'doing it'.

2. They learn the importance of tracking and analytics. We want to know what is working in our advertising and marketing and what is not. This module is the 'Track' part of the lessons. Lots of split testing, A/B tests, UHP training....Super nerdy math stuff ;)

3. Profit! It's the big kahuna...It's why people get into affiliate marketing in the first place. And this is where we go over email marketing and list building. We teach them about proper techniques and tips on how to get the best results from building their list...And then we HAMMER home this point...


Build your list AND Brand your name!

Branding. Personal branding at that. And a huge chunk of those lessons we teach on personal branding contain...The importance of content marketing through....Blogging.

Welcome to CTP Token!

Steem was the perfect tool for CTP members. In our relaunch, we really wanted people to understand the importance of building their brands through content marketing and when Steem-Engine stepped up...This was the perfect fit for our community.

In CTP we teach them to blog using the CTPtalk.com condenser on Steem-Engine.

We go over every aspect we can about proper blogging and content creation to help users get a taste of regular content creation but also...The blockchain!

You see, since PayPal basically left an entire industry out in the cold, I've been pushing for more crypto adoption because again...I don't think it gets any better than crypto for online payments and more specifically Steem.

So the CTP Token will encourage new affiliate marketers to jump in to the blockchain by creating content every day and of course, learning about the potential of Steem. With the rewards coming from CTP Token, they are encouraged to invest more time learning about Steem and powering up!

I think that's a pretty cool use case for the CTP Token :)

That was 800 plus words of CTP's history....Now let's get into the good stuff...

1. The CTP Token will be (and has been already) air dropped to @Steem.Leo stakers.

I'm doing it a little bit different though...I'm issuing tokens to around 25-50 accounts at a time. I want to see what happens when people slowly get air dropped instead of all at once. It might do nothing at all, but we're about 100-150 account in now...So let's see LOL

@Khaleelkazi has been a HUGE help for me getting this token up and running. I literally, have no idea what I'm doing and he's been extra patient with me. But that's not the only reason I chose to air drop to Leo stakers...The big one....Business ownership and investing, I believe go hand in hand.

They are risk takers just like entrepreneurs, and it's a tribe I believe in big time!

2. There Will Be Miners!

The CTPM token is ready to be purchased and staked. It's on sale right now for 2 STEEM per miner. And get ready....We're about to get super 'markety' right now...I will be raising the price of the miner within the next week.

I want this miner and token to have huge value down the road, so I will be following a lot of other tribe's examples on how to manage things. Token burns and sinks will be coming! So if you think the marriage between affiliate marketing and Steem has some legs, be sure to pick up a miner or two :)

3. The Token! The glorious CTP Token!

The use case was described above, but again for me...It's the perfect match. The CTPTalk condenser will help new affiliates learn content creation but also the potential of the blockchain. They will learn by DOING and the community support will be there for them on their journey.

Here are the stats for the token itself....

  • Full details are always [available here] Simply click on SCOT settings.

O.k.....Word count is now....Almost 1200 words and a 7 minute read according to Busy!

I think that goes over everything....Just a few closing words.

If you have met me or dealt with me in the past, you know I am super passionate about things I believe in...Steem is it! It's been my focus for almost 2 years now and I believe ClickTrackProfit was made for this blockchain.

That being said, I'm still learning :)

And trying to get better everyday. If you see something that's not right, or you have concerns about, please drop me a line anytime.

We have a few communities set up...

As you may or may not know, we set up @SteemSavvy last year. With the idea of helping new Steemians to the blockchain. Our Discord is very lively and if you need us, we're there every day!

The ClickTrackProfit community is just being built on Telegram. If you want to swing by, we're there as well at anytime!

I look forward to working with everyone at ClickTrackProfit and welcoming them to Steem. You guys are going to love this place....It's truly the best blockchain out there!

And as for you amazing Steemians...Thank you for showing me how powerful this place can be. I'm going to work non-stop to add massive value to this blockchain.

This is only the first step :)


I was around when paypal dumped all Traffic Exchanges and Affiliate Marketing related websites and saw an industry going down in flames. I truely believe that cryptos can be an answer for such business models so I find your project really interesting. In addition I've been following @jongolson for a certain time on steem and what I learned is that he doesn't do things half way ;-). I just bought 50 CTPM to support this project.

Best regards,

Thanks very much for the kind words :)

Yeah it was a nasty time for everyone involved...But crypto is just this perfect match and exactly what that industry needs. Hopefully this one step closer :)

If we all do what he says, We will all prosper. Power to the CTP

Good to see this. I'm still going to read this full post very interesting giving you history!

Thanks very much :) For sure, poke around and if you have any questions, please let me know.

nice work! I wish you massive success

Thanks Paula....Appreciate the kind words and support!

Wishes are great, fantastic, but action is even better Jump in the waters are clean, clear and getting smoother everyday

I got to admit, I had no idea what you guys were about... now I feel like I know 5% of what I should.

That alone just made me rush out to buy 150 miners. Keep up the good work, and I'm already glad to help support your project.

Thank you so much :)

We're super excited to get people onto Steem. The Steem-Engine project and the condenser are the perfect onboarding tool for us.

Lots of excitement in our community for it all!

We are all learning a little more each day and will continue to learn everyday so we will never be at 100 percent

Awesome! I was eagerly waiting for this post. Now I'm gonna buy a bunch of Miners. But wait, tell me if there ever gonna be some Mega Miners available too?

Awesome to hear :)

Nah, only the CTPM, we want to keep it super simple for people. So the only miners we will have are these :)

Great! Bought & staked. Also joined your TG.

@clicktrackprofit picked up a Few Miners. Thank you for the Tokens. I look Forward to your HUGE Success !

Awesome! Thank you so much for your support!

I'm so excited for the progress you are making Jon. I'm a believer in what you do, but more importantly, I'm a believer in Jon. You are a honest, hard working guy that genuinely is looking to build relationships. That's a powerful combination. Keep up the great work! I bought into a few miners ;)

Appreciate you man. Thank you for all your support and friendship over this journey. Means the world bro!

Great work Jon, this tribe will be big, really big, at least that is my opinion, now I think I'll go pick up some miners too.

By the way do you have any plans on activating it as a tribe in Steempeak, it's listed but not enabled, and it's my understanding that it's really easy to do, and that way it's fully integrated into the dApp.

bigger than most realise

Yeah that is what I think, just HODL as much as possible while it's new, my advice anyways.

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Absolutely. We will eventually get all the features for this tribe. Steempeak is on our 'to do' list pretty soon :)

Thanks for your support man, it means a lot!


I have just bought 25 CTP miners. I like the idea and I am sure that we are going to the moon!

Thank you very much! Hope so :) Or at least to the top of Mt. Everest for now LOL

Welcome and congrats on the venture @jongolson. This is very interesting and I think over time could become a very worthwhile community you have created. I had my issues with paypal a while ago and had to move on from a decent ebay side venture unfortunately. I can't wait for the public to be brought up to speed (some day) about the economic benefits for the average person to operate in the crypto world when the myths and "Wall St. Speak" that keeps coming up from people who have a giant interest in fiat having an international monopoly. Way to take the plunge, if you listen to your community and stay hungry I really your chances on this.

Thank you very much for the support and comments!

Yeah the less marketers rely on those kind of payment processors the better. Crypto just makes sense :)

@jongolson, Unfortunate to know about your past breakdown phase brother. But most importantly you've stood strong and now you are creating your own stuff and this project is your own baby. So, good wishes from my side brother and hope that your years of efforts definitely will fly high with wings.

Today bought some CTP TOKEN and CTP MINERS and excited for this journey.

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Appreciate that, thanks man! Yeah it sucked but hey, without that...I would have never found Steem :)

Welcome and that's true. End is a new beginning. 🙂

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Absolutely a great idea, to me it's pure logic that affiliate marketers switch over to cryptocurrency. You really can't trust any regular payment processor, my own Paypal account has been suspended for close to a month in the past, with vague reasons given.

Steem and affiliate marketing would really go hand-in-hand, you've got the blogging aspect, which is vital and you can send/receive payments without having to worry about having your funds frozen.

yup. absolutely. that’s huge for me because i never wanna put my trust in a company like that again. just such a win win for my business to be involved on steem and being my affiliates over here :)

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It is not just the payment aspect of CTP but the power of a network of marketers where you can trult realize your dreams

I like this idea, anything that replaces paypal with a trustworthy alternative is worth supporting


The further we all get from PayPal the better.

well said

I have always been interested in affiliate marketing.
Now I have the opportunity here on Steem.
I will take a look this afternoon to see how it works!
Good initiative Jon!

awesome. thanks very much for taking a look. we’re a fun community that like to learn this stuff by doing :)

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@clicktrackprofit i hope you will become more successfull person in your life Keep up this good work bro

Thanks very much!

Staked my tokens and bought and staked a few miners.. Looking forward to see how things progress

so cool. thank you so much. appreciate the support.

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Hi Jon

what a fantastic Post, I for one got burnt by paypal and have looked for a crypto alternative and BTC has been the go to
Years of using paypal and then Bang.
Click Track Profit is a great site and not only will it attract the new but it will also bring back and consolidate the old.
We have been waiting for the tsunami to swell again and here we are, embracing whats new all the time and moving forwards

I may just have to get me some steem so I can get me some CTP Miner

Thanks again Jon for all the work you do and for making the transitions for so many of us , relatively simple :) Good job

Even the man who invented the Door Knocker got the No Bell Prize :)

Thanks man....Hope so. I know it'll be a tough sell for some of those old school CTP members. But we're fresh and ready to rock again....New focus and like I keep saying...This is only Phase 1 ;)

This is a SUPER DUPER AWESOME GREAT news! 💪💪💪❤️❤️❤️

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Thanks Eliza....I see your old testimonial show up in rotation in the members area....Awesome to have your support throughout all these years. And here on Steem now too :)

I did a testimonial before? OK... Totally forgotten about it. CTP is AWESOME... My first ever best investment... And CTP + STEEM = DOUBLE the FUN!

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This post certainly got my attention. I checked out the website clicktrackprofit. Nice to see it has some focus on Steem and sounds like Jon had some fun making those videos.

I’m mostly interesting in building out my social media accounts and driving more traffic towards some referrals I have related to gaming.

Mostly will just be poking around the site when I get the time.

Well you now have a new follower. I have a small goal of a min of 1 new follower a day, aming for way more than that but at least 1. #CTP #ClickTrackProfit

Awesome to hear that :)

Yeah I had a blast doing the videos...it's something I really enjoy doing...Hope people get a ton of value from it!

We all start with small goals but meet the one goal and then up that goal just like a poker bet

We all started with a poke here and a poke there, but once you put you heart and soul into it you will see the CTP

Fantastic read, I am very new to the blogging world and I'm keen to get really stuck in and provide value in any way i can.

This gives me great inspiration when i read about how you battled on through even when the tide was against you and paypal was ever so unfair!

I will educate myself further in the CTP side and purchase some tokens in the near future.

All the best and keep the great work going.


Thanks very much for the comments. And yup, if you have any questions at all, please let us know :)

Hi there.
How can i get involved?

Build then Brand then Blog and Buil, Brand, Blog. That will be the success for all of us

Great post Jon. (And I'm the first to raise my hand...Ask the Steem-Engine guys, they are sick of my questions lol)....I can relate...LOL... But seriously, crypto IS the future for affiliate marketers, no doubt about that and CTP is lighting the way. No stopping us now!

Awesome sauce :)

Yeah it's a mix that has been years in the making...But now we're off to the races!

There are a lot of us that are new to this. Isn't education magnificent

Thank you for the airdrop.

I love affilliate marketing, and would love to mix it with my steemitblog. The hurdle I usually find is that affilliates want to see your site before they give you a link, and they don't accept steemit as an address.

I hope to learn hot to get around that here.

Yeah, it's a reputation that hopefully will get fixed as Steemit matures and grows as a company. :)

Or maybe someone will create a service that changed your address to something like metzli.steemit.com which then gives you a specific site.

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I truly found this article to be uplifting. Everything Jon has said in here is the truth, I will be one of the first to say I saw the troubles that came after paypal dumped a bunch of us and took our money on top of that. But we are a resilient community and besides that the rebuild and relaunch of ClickTrackProfit.com has started bringing back a bunch and added a gob of new subscribers. I can attest to that as I already have one new upgrade since we have relaunched. This is only the beginning of the beginning. Keep up the great work Jon and not to mention Blain who is our Fantastic Techie.

I'm glad that you chose Steem to be a part of Click Track Profit. I knew about Steem for about 2 yrs now and didn't sign up cause I thought it was more about blogging then anything else and I thought 'what would I blog about'? Now I have things going through my head as to what I can blog about being though affiliate marketing haven't been so kind to me in the last couple of years. Thanks Jon for the new CTP!