Excitement Long Lasts?

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Starting Point always gives the essence of New Enthusiasm and New Excitement but the most important question is, Excitement Long Lasts? This is situational question (may be not). Excitement and Enthusiasm are just a feel.

Some feelings Transforms like a Swing Of The Wind. I don't know in the Terms Of Calculations but in my opinion our Thoughts 💭 run like the Speed Of Light. When something moves so fast then it misses long lasting aspect in my opinion.

Many people feels Boredom all the time ⌚ because they experience same things over and over, day in and day out. In some peoples life new Adventures brings up new Light Of Excitement and with that new energy to continue their life path more Enthusiastically.

But every Adventure is good, it's not fixed at all. Some Adventures creates or brings those experiences which we never wanted to experience or in a way which becomes a Nightmare. And Nightmares Travel a long journey.


New Buzz in the Market becomes the new Close Up aspect and everyone showcase interest towards this Buzz and in my opinion sometimes behind that Buzz huge amount of Fundsare invested and then it becomes a trend and lot of Eyeballs 👀 catch this Buzz.

In this World 🗺 Of Social Media sometimes unwanted stuff becomes a Trending aspect and everyone follows it and then it becomes a mess. Sometimes in my opinion Technology is used for the Mind Controlling to deceive masses.

This World faced many battles and in my opinion now we are in the Highly Technological Battles and i think that Humanity is kept in the Darkness and few holding the keys of Powerful Secrets and who knows misuse of it will going to bring which kind of disaster on this Planet 🌏.

Now times changed very Drastically and Rapidly. Before aspects which were discussed in closed doors, on those kind of topics now TV 📺 and Web Series are coming. In a way aspects of Division and Negativity is heavily Promoted.


We are in the Journey of Comparison and continuous Judgements. When we are talking about the Judgements it includes both Judgement Towards Others and Self Judgements, in a way it spreads and grows Unpleasantness.

So in this Era Of Comparison and Judgements every Start and Exciting Journey can turn into Unpleasant Journey because in a way we live life to show how better we are than others instead moving ahead collectively without any Comparison and Judgements.

In this Materialistic World 🗺 many want Instant Gratification and we all know it's difficult and that's why most of the times people live in Disappointing Phase and they blame themselves for everything instead of understanding the nature of life.

It not matters Excitement long lasts or no but one thing is for sure, and that is, lessons which we pursue through different levels of Life Experiences will stay with us forever and these experiences will going to remind us Time to Time ⌚ which mindset is important in life.

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Dear @chireerocks

I finally managed to find some time to read your publication. Sorry for such a late comment (quite busy few days).

Many people feels Boredom all the time

Could you imagine, that feeling bored is what I dream about for very long? Sometimes I envy those people who can afford to be bored. At the same time I do not envy guys who deal with bored wifes hehehe :)

I fully agree with you, that current days things changed very drastically. Also the fact that you mentioned instant gratification is very valid. Social media re-shaped our mindset, shortened attention span and most people are looking for instant gratification. What a world ....

We are in the Journey of Comparison and continuous Judgements.
I also must admit that sometimes the way you write things is ... well, quite unique and not always clear to me :)

ps. Please consider posting next time within project.hope HIVE and remember to set up 20% beneciciary to ph-fund :) It will help our community cover some expenses and grow even bigger.

Solid read, Upvoted already,
Yours, Piotr

I want to appreciate your kind response brother. In my opinion we all individuals have unique Thought 💭 Process and it's always important to Speak Our Mind so that we can feel the essence of Lightness. Stay blessed.

I just realized that I never actually thanked you for your comment. Big thx.
Cheers, Piotr

Welcome brother.

The education that is promoted in the media is that based on individualism. It seems that there are more people who want to make this world a dark and insensitive place. But, on the other hand, there are those who believe that if there are possibilities to do things right and behave like real human beings.

Yes. In a way you've put the meaning of Duality in your words. Thank you so much for your indepth response and stay blessed.

I don't remember where I read a metaphor about the duration of emotions, but I will try to paraphrase it as a summary

Falling in love is like a violent, luminous and brief explosion; Passion is like a forest fire, which lasts as long as it is fed with adequate fuel; Love is like a sun, it will last even longer than your life and even when you can't see it for moments or hours, you know it still exists and will come back.

In that sense, I think it's okay to fall in love with a project, you need to have a passion for a project to work hard on it, but you have to love it to make a long-term commitment.

In my opinion everyone cannot commit for Long Term Commitment because in my opinion now this World became a Distraction and there are so many aspects which distracts one from their path. Thank you so much for your meaningful response and stay blessed.

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