A New Crypto Milestone Was Reached Today

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While we might not be hitting that $50,000 per bitcoin today as I really thought we would it is possible tomorrow or sometime this week. I don't see us not getting to that point but I'll be sitting back to see what plays out after we hit that huge milestone for Bitcoin.

Another milestone however was reached today. A total market cap of $1.5 Trillion!

We have seen funds being flooded into altcoin projects and all the more reason to really start promoting LEO and Hive as best we all can. As that money floods around we want people to be using these systems and seeing the real power of them.


Two of the most notable cryptso that have been skyrocketing are...


This is a site that allows investing in stablecoins that are built on the Binance smart chain and backed by a number of stable coins without a centralized control.

Think of it as the bank of the world and how every coin holds the same value if you use it in the USA or not.


This is an oldy it's been around for a while and has seen almost a bitcoin like rally simply skyrocking to all new highs and blowing its transaction quantity and value out of the water. 2017 it saw a price of just $0.07 today it trades for that same dollar value but with nearly a triple market cap.

Ravencoin is a peer-to-peer blockchain.


Other notables and milestones


While not the best example of a raging altcoin at the moment it still is holding rather well on the $0.05 to $0.06 levels with massive volumes still over the last 24 hours.

What's to note about this is that the core developers have come back all 4 or 5 of them who will be working on security as well as scalability issues. I guess when money is involved it reparks creation!


Yes Hive is up 9% while not one of the major increases it should be important to take note that Hive is getting close to beating its May 2020 market cap!


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Rvn is nice to see as I was mining that a few months back and it paid off with this pump 😀.

Hive has had some ok growth over the last month.

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Oh I know I always mine or faucet weird coins as some of them seriously pay off. Most people make fun of me for doing faucets or mining alt coins but those $0.001 tokens some times turn into massive 1000% rallies! such as in the case with dogecoin.

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Venus is doing exceptionally well. And it’s quite straightforward to comprehend.
A nice alternative for those who don’t want to take the risk of impermanent lost related to liquidity pools.
To be noted, the coin you can m’ont and stake there (VAI) is giving a very nice 70% APR at the moment.

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