Ask Leo: How do you bring your friends to Leofinance?

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I tweet about Leofinance and by extension, Hive every single day. Sometimes it is through post links and other times, it is just normal tweets like the fanboy I am.

I think I get encountered on a daily basis about how or what goes on in Leo. Some questions are hard to answer while others aren't that hard. Take this one below for example;

Link to tweet

I can't for the life of me, give a straight answer to this question considering how this place works.

I think this is the annoying part about marketing something with money at the forefront. People tend to focus on the money and only ask questions related to it.

I generally give vague answers to the questions, rather than be specific. You can check my answer in the tweet. Also, if you have a better answer, please drop a response under his tweet.

Link to tweet

Here's yet another question that seems simple on the outside but in reality, could be a bit of a chore to answer. I haven't dropped any response to it yet but I'd be glad if I could get suggestions on what to say.

He wants to know "how it works" and by that, he means "how do you get money out?" I now have to ask myself if he knows about crypto trading and all that stuff.

The fun ones

On the other hand, I had a productive conversation with a different acquaintance of mine who showed genuine interest in participating in Leo.

He's an upcoming animator and we'll be collaborating to make Leo worthy cartoons. The plan is to embed humour into an informative piece.

I told him to feel his way around Hive and just get a hang of how it works. I explained the potential and how big it is and he seemed interested.

His initial interest was just to capitalise on the pump and dump of the market but after our conversation about Hive and the massive potential of being an early adopter of a tech that will be a world-beater, he decided to join us.

The last we spoke, I think he said he's working on his introduction. I'm excited about this guy because he's a bag of talent. He does music, photography, videography, designs art and added animation to his arsenal. He'd be a fine addition to the community and once he gets a hang of it, he'll be completely Leonated.

What about you though? Do you have friends and family you're telling about Leo? What are the difficulties you're experiencing with them? Anything else to add to the conversation? Hit the comment section.

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For me, thanks to the fact that Ive written a bunch of stuff, they come in handy when I'm asked some questions I just give them the link. Helps a lot. Looking forward to have your buddy over

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Yeah those links actually make it easier to explain it to someone that is interested in learning. I even used your P2P post to explain how that works to the person and it was smooth.

I'm excited about him coming. I'll get to do a voiceover for animation and fulfil one of my fantasies in the process

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too low iq... :/

Awesome stuff, already looking forward to this new guy, seems a good sport !
It took me more than a year to finally get in here ! And so far so good, it's one of my better decisions... hopefully in a while, I too would bring on some amazing folks ..
Cheers !

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Yeah that's dope. Nonso mentioned you in his comment. This shit will take over your life and it is worth it. You're going to be part of something huge.

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I speak to my friends about hive and leofinance. I have successfully onboarded one who is active on the community now (@maverieux000).

Like you mentioned a lot of people are focused on their money side of things, and not creating value which is a big error on their part as it is almost impossible to gain in monetary terms when you don't add value.

There is no way one can promote refinance without hinting at the money aspect. I like to talk to people who are content creators. Those are my target, not the general public who are just looking for quick gains.

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Yeah people tell me "I'm looking for alternate source of income" and I'm like, it's not a job. This shit will take over your life and you could actually make more than you get from your real job.

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You could always copy/paste the url of your best earning post, pretty sure it will answer 99% of the questions 🤣
That’s nice to put so much effort promoting the platform and bring new people here, respect for that.

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I try to tell as many people as possible. Trying to increase traffic around here and all that.

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Start a LEOFinance club on Clubhouse and invite them to teach & learn about LEO

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Does it work on android?

Not at the moment. Will be soon :)

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I'm waiting for project blank to get about 5 people onboarded, this way when a new Lion comes in they can wander over to the more professional looking type content and try that too. I think Hive puts too much pressure on new people to fit in when they just want to have fun sometimes.

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I feel the same way. Most times when I tell people, the first thing they ask is "is it like Twitter?"

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