I will be promoting EOS Decentralized Exchange Newdex.io and its NDX token. Newdex already has 4 tokens already on steem-engine. ANX PSO CHL and PEOS (and hopefully soon SAND )

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To promote Newdex, an EOS based exchange that I love, i will be giving out their NDX tokens., Stake enough and you can get discounts and free airdrops / prizes on neewdex and it honestly feels like a mix between binance and steem. It has the success of binance but the transparency of steem. If steem engine used STEEM as its base currency instead of steemp, and had no withdraws or deposits, that would be what steem is.

Here is the official post from Newdex Community Account I am managing


Please tell us what you would like to see when it comes to Newdex marketing on steem. As an excited investor I feel I must do my part to explain the benefits of NEWDEX to steem and steem engine users. If steem engine can offer trades against steem itself using keychain or scatter, steem engine can reach a totally new level . We may even be able to use smart contracts

i may email biz@eosstablecoin.com from https://eosstablecoin.com/ about adding STEEM and steem engine stable coins as EOS assets! I would rather have steemP so @aggroed and @someguy123 can sell steemp for eos on newdex but we will see what happens. Adding STEEm to that list would be a huge advancement but steemP should be an EOS token as well, perhaps steemP can be backed with EOS STEEm pegged token here.

PAL and NEOXAG need to be on EOS so they can list on newdex as well. They can then teach their users to use newdex and arbitrage trade between the two exchanges.

Anyway check out the newdex post on @newdex-io