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An 8-foot tomato plant and finding free games what is there not to love?

Free Games


Am I out of my mind? Well no, I often find free games and I link out to them on Twitter.

In a perfect world, I would have the time to write up a full or first impressions review. While sometimes I do. Often times the actual amount of time a game is given away for free is limited. I’d rather my follower on twitter get a heads up about it than me trying rush content out for a couple of bucks.

Since I’m a gamer in a couple of private gaming discords often times if a game is being given away for free in a legit and high quantity manner I could hear about it on my grapevine. A number of us then go out and share about it on our social media if it looks interesting or we have played it before.

They could be coming from:

While not all games will be interesting at face value to you. It’s a free game and you sometimes are given the opportunity to explore genres you would not normally go near. It’s nice when you suddenly open the door to a whole new world in gaming.

Splinterlands Steem Monsters


You might notice I don’t post a lot of content on my blog about SM itself. When it comes to shorthand content I prefer twitter for that. While I do have plans for some longer created content for this game, for now, you can still find a bunch from me on twitter about it.

These tweets tend to be:

  • Reminders the season is ending in a couple of days
  • Gold foil or legendary pulls I get
  • Link to interesting or unusual battles I’ve had
  • Interesting updates about the game
  • General promoting of the game

Oftentimes with our busy lives, we can forget the season is coming to an end soon or miss out on something going down in the SM world. It’s also a quick way to stay immersed with the collective card game genre as well as I play others as well from time to time.

If SM is not your thing don’t worry. While I love the game I also keep thing balanced and tend to only tweet a couple of times a week about it. I do create a lot of other gaming content.

Tweeting Of Older Content


Who in their right mind links out to content older than seven days? I do, my model of content creation is making the majority of my articles still hold up over time. That won’t be the case for everything. In general, when it comes to my game reviews they still hold value to someone thinking of buying a game long after it's been posted.

Have you ever read one of my reviews and thought “when that game goes on I’ll pick it up?” Maybe you added it to a wishlist somewhere and then forgot about it.

I have over 50 detailed gaming reviews with more on the way. Many of those games will go on sale sometime during the year. You get to find out when it does and have a nice article to read about it that I already created.

If you have never read one of my reviews before you should know I call stuff out when I see it. So if I don’t like a game I’m not going to promote it even when it’s on sale.

On top of that during the big sales on Steam, I tend to put together a recommendation list and link out to different games during the sale on twitter. Those recommendations come with content so you can get a better idea of that game.

Sneak Previews of What Is Coming


That’s right my followers on Twitter get to find out before everyone else does what games I’m looking to make content on. This often takes place with game screenshots, short stories, how I’m doing in an event and much more.

Often times I have a number of games going on at once. Some just take longer to play than others so I have my shorter and longer-term games being played off and on. As such sometimes I might tweet about a game and a few days later I’ll have content out for it. Other times it could be months or longer.

Some of the content I create I do in fact need to wait months on for the passage of time. When people wonder whatever happened to that game I was going be creating additional content on? Chances are I’m giving short tweet updates about how things are progressing until it’s time to make a post about it.

I also like to give some background information and even create a short story out of things. For instance, right now at the time of writing this, I’m playing some No Man’s Sky. I love space games and this one looks amazing. A number of times a week I’m making a tweet with some beautiful screenshot I took. Such as the one I used as a cover image for this post which can be found here

While not all games I check out or share about will end up making it into a full review. Twitter is a perfect place for me to share many adventures and journeys that often don’t get included in my reviews.

Promoting Others


Twitter, in my opinion, is a perfect place to be more than just about your own content. Between retweeting and linking out to other people’s amazing posts. It’s just a great place in general to share. As such I try and do that a couple of times a week when I can.

There are some content creators I do a little bit of networking with as well. As such we might be swapping retweets. I never do that unless it is content I want to see be doing better. I’m not one of those that retweet just to “return” the favor. I’m generally looking for content that could add value to my own followers who see it.

I’m also in a community that has a heavy presence on twitter comparable for people on Steem. Many of them create amazing posts from cooking to travel. Most of it is not gaming but I feel it’s always nice to find a new content creator and be more than just about gaming 24/7. Yes, gamers do other things than gaming I know it’s shocking! We also like to eat food as well!

Personal Me


I’m more than just a gamer or a content creator on Steem. While I prefer to keep my blog mostly focused on just the content and other stuff related to it. Twitter, on the other hand, I feel like there is more freedom to include a bunch of other stuff from time to time.

Don’t know about my tomato plant that is 8 feet tall? Well, you are sure missing out and I really need to share more about Jeff on Twitter as well. Now I’m sure a few of you are like “sure Enjar that is what you call it insert dirty joke here.”

Get your mind out of the gutter! Here he is.


While I don’t often post about things outside of gaming I do have other interests in my life as well. Not all of it will I create content around and sometimes I just like sharing stuff on twitter. Maybe I went to the beach, had a bonfire or something from my garden. I’m also a huge Stargate fan so sometimes I sneak something about that in as well.

Call Of Action


This is my call of action to follow me on twitter. I hope I gave you quite a few reasons to start following me if you have not already. Some days I’m very active over on twitter and it is something I’ve been growing out for quite a few months now. I look forward to seeing you over there.


Screenshots and photos are my own take from my twitter or elsewhere. Written by @Enjar.



I have over 50 detailed gaming reviews with more on the way. Many of those games will go on sale sometime during the year.

Are you a professional reviewer, who gets advanced copies of games prior to release so you can review them? That's a pretty cool gig for a job!

Perhaps one day, I’m a long way from being to that point. Most of them I am out of pocket for or pick up for free like everyone else when companies give them away.

I’m mostly just trying to break even on my hobby one day. If it becomes more than that –that’s great. If not oh well I had some fun.


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