Turkey Backpacking: Saffron Bolu Outskirts, Amasra

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Amazra is a small fishing village 2 hours drive from Safranbolu .

Most people stay for 2 days and 1 night if they stay long

If you stay for 2 nights or 3 days like yourself, it is recommended to go for a day trip to the suburbs

Because, the Black Sea town of Po indeed struck expand kicks pretty

In fact, the trip to Turkey was an unplanned trip, so I didn't even know Amazra

I met my sister at the hostel, so I went with my camera and money.


It's a little hard to get there.

How to go

* As of June 2013 *

1.From Safranbolu (old town) to Dolmusch to Krakwai (New Town) Ottogar-1TL

2. SAVAS bus company's 'Walton' line (no Amasra nonstop, via Walton)-15TL

3. Go to Balmush to Amazra-4TL

How to get back

1.Metro company's 'saffronvolu' row-18TL

2. Arrival at Krakwai (New Town), transfer to Old Town by Dolmus-1TL

Turks play while diving.

Grandfather who paints himself.

It was an old boat, but I felt you were pampered.

A must-eat food in Amazura.

I forgot the name. It's just fried fish .... Do

Turkish espresso.

Do you suck something after coffee? did.

Feeling powdery ?? If you laugh, you might have all the beans in your teeth.

expected to quit

Coastline and sky and and clouds

The Black Sea is so pretty in color

Mustafa Kemal Ata tuti Krk


I like your expression right. my style

The day is going to market

The intestines are long like oil

I met while waiting for the bus.

I don't know Turkish, and you don't speak English

I just laughed at you both.

"Oh, huh?

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