A walk through the magnificent rose garden in Germany and rose flower meaning and symbolism 🌹

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In this article, I will show you around the wonderful rose garden and tell you about the symbolism of these flowers. I have not been here lately, at Steemit because I went on vacation, but by the way I collected some interesting stories that I will be able to share with you :) Rose garden about which today I write is located in Bamberg - a small German town in Franconia region. I visited the old city and unexpectedly among the ancient walls, I found a floral enclave full of differently colored roses.


I joyfully entered the world of nature. I definitely prefer what is alive, the company of plants rather than monuments. I walked between the alleys, charmed by what I see and feel (it was enough to lean down a bit to feel the sweetness of the rose, the smell of my favorite flowers).




In the middle of the garden there is a fountain in which you can have a cool time on a hot summer day. There are benches around the fountain.
A tree grows with each of them. Such an environment causes that sitting on a bench, along with gusts of wind on our face flows down
delicate, water haze, and trees create a pleasant shade.


But the garden tempts you not to sit too long on the benches, but to walk among the alleys and admire the roses growing there.



My favorite was the yellow-gold variety of rose called Goldmarie.


These roses had the most intense smell. I also liked their unusual, golden color. The flakes had different shades and
they created a beautiful composition.


I felt that my senses were stimulated in the garden and this aroused sensuality encouraged me to do unusual experiments, such as touching flowers with my hair.


Another rose that attracted my attention was called Inspiration. Who invented these names? ;)


The rose was pink, fluffy, rich and atypical ... inside it was filled with a yellow tinge.


Of course, there were also classic red roses, but they also delighted with their diversity.





Rose has an interesting symbolic meaning. I found a description like this:

"Rose is also one of the most important, if not the most important symbol in Alchemia.
It is a symbol of mystery, illustrating the way energy flows in the energy portal.
According to alchemy, each of us has such a portal in itself, in the case of women there are two such portals.
The flower of the rose opens very slowly, its petals slowly, gradually open up, gradually releasing the unusual scent of rose ether.
Rose petals are arranged symmetrically torsional, so the path to her heart is a spiral path.
According to some, this is the golden spiral of life.
The mystery of the rose according to old books it was once one of the most guarded alchemical secrets.
Men are concerned with the mystery of one rose and women with the mystery of two roses.
The secret of the rose tells us that every man has his own rose in his heart, opening his heart, opening up an energetic rose.
Its center is the home of our Soul.
The vibrations of this space are incredibly clean and high.
A man with a fully open heart emanates this luminous energy.
You've probably heard that a sweet, sweet smell is associated with the appearance of a saint.
It is the smell that gives off our energetic rose after opening.
The second rose, attributed only to a woman, is associated with the mystery of her womb, the secret and the most sacred energy portal. "[1]


At the end I left a variation of the previously unknown to me -Peacekeeper. Interestingly, the plate of this rose was so scarred, as if there were a lot of tension in this place and they were rapidly discharged ;) But the rose itself, with its colors and smell, calmed me down.



Do you like rose gardens? Have you ever been in some amazing rose garden that you could recommend? A friend with whom I visited Bamberg remembered very nicely the rose garden in Prague in the Czech Republic.

Source [1] - https://www.odkrywamyzakryte.com/symbol-rozy/


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I must say that your experiment with touching the roses with your hair sounds completely strange and I have never seen it before but it is definitely a cool idea to try something new :)

It's a beautiful garden and you are lucky to see the roses in their full bloom. I have visited a rose garden close to my place recently but the season is already finished for this year.

Great photos, lovely walk! Thank you for sharing and have a good day!

Thank you @delishtreats for the kind words :) I think that touching the roses with my hair may be the result of various experiments with the senses that I did on forest development walks (soon I will write an article about this). It is a very interesting experience, similar to the famous Japanese forest bathing). One of the exercises on the last forest developmental walk was touching plants in the forest with various parts of the body. For example, touching the tree with your knee, calf or cheek. And when I looked at the roses in the garden, I felt the urge to touch them with my hair. Just like that... Have a good day too! :)

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