A Perspective on Buying and Selling Jahm

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Well, I know it's not over yet and some parts of the globe are following me, but I heard reports yesterday that there was a spike in the STEEM price ... could that be SPUD XI hitting the markets? Who can say but good to dream :)

Reggaesteem also enjoyed a successful JPUD with lots of accounts showing growth and several accounts reaching milestone stakes: Congratulations to everyone who took part, and thanks to @crypticat for initiating the drive, it's great to see confidence in the Reggaesteem proposition.

One of the interesting things in people's JPUD posts (including mine) was a changing approach to curation on Reggaesteem. Reggaesteem has done a great job of building a high quality, interesting, relevant feed and putting in place the structures and behaviours that support that. Scammers and others who attempt to extract value are quickly and routinely despatched. With that excellent foundation in place, accounts are turning their attention to developing the Reggaesteem business proposition.

I have a different perspective from some of my Reggaesteem compadres about people selling JAHM tokens. I think we need a lively market and lots of volume because that looks interesting to investors and, perhaps counter intuitively, encourages people to HODL. I bought a lot of my first 100k stake and even in those early days when there were plenty of accounts selling, it took a long time and a concerted effort. If we want to attract investors who are interested in the long-term development and success of ReggaeSteem, then they need to be able to purchase JAHM and this is only going to be through people selling. I see this as a good thing because tokens are moving from weaker hands into stronger hands that will enhance the tribe.

I agree with a comment by @donald.porter that many things are affecting the price of JAHM, and pretty much every other Steem-Engine token (look at LEO, which I would guess is one of the strongest tokens), never mind what's happening on the stock exchanges and in global currency markets. Of course, the great thing about the price going down is that it encourages serious investors to come in when the price is low - just like STEEM itself. I'm not worried about the price - that will do what it is going to do - because there is a sound idea and a good team with a wide range of skills and experience in place and a supportive, engaged community.

It's the realisation and reflection of the business proposition and the culture on Reggaesteem that will be the pull for investors. We can really help that grow by focusing on what we want to see here: the kind of posts each of us want to support. I'd like to see greater diversity, @thehealthyfoodie and @justinparkes are great additions and it would be wonderful if we could encourage @tobago back into posting.

I'd love to hear the occasional two or three minute sound recording from @miyard: things like what happened yesterday or on the way to a meeting or some other aspects of day to day life. That strong voice is a powerful asset to Reggaesteem, it brings beauty and richness to the feed. If I was there, I would do it. I'd pop round for a coffee and catch a few minutes of whatever was going on.

While I'm on the case and writing, I want to go back to an earlier conversation that was started by a post by @crypticat about tourism. He found that greater numbers of women (roughly 55% to 45%) from the three main markets (USA, Canada and the UK) were visiting Jamaica. I did some further research and found that 64% of the satisfaction interviews conducted by the Tourism Board when people were leaving the island were completed by women (who were described as the head of the party) and some 86% of decisions about holidays in couples and families are made by women. Single women travellers is the fastest growing demographic in the travel industry by a country mile.

Women are hugely influential when it comes to tourism. The JTB Satisfaction Survey gives a lot of detailed information about their views, and this is backed up by wider research in the travel industry. One of the thoughts that I had was about the disconnect about some of the mainstream tourism advertising (essentially, a gated paradise) and the reality. I love the videos in Ras Kitchen and the insights they give, and it would be great to have more things like this on Reggaesteem to supplement some of the more mainstream promotional messages.

I'm looking forward to seeing what comes out of JahmFest. As I 've mentioned before there may be a tension between the kind of culture that is going to appeal to women as major influencers in tourism, and the kind of culture that is prevalent in the music industry. I feel this is where our attention needs to be.


Excellent observations Shanibeer, can't agree with you more. Regarding the price, nothing is wrong with people selling, I just don't think 100% upvotes from the jahm.whitelist should go to sellers when the delegator(s) to the jahm.whitelist have been doing most of the buying. Think about that for a second.

Upvoting should only be based on quality and perhaps rewarding new posters who are working on their quality. I didn't know you when you first started here, but I am guessing like most, your skills have improved drastically along with your writing.

What encourages people to post is thoughtful engagement along with a vision. People need to know that not only posting here is valuable, you can also earn some crypto and gain friends with similar interests. The recipes you share, the experiences you share and the music should last for as long as the internet is up and running. If you want friends you have to engage. Posting, selling and not engaging isn't really what we need here, we are fostering a community.