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I have the power to hand out up to $4 for great comments on my recent videos on @3speakonline today!

If you leave a good comment that indicates you watched my video, I’ll reward you!

UPDATE: Just a note on the cash for comments: with great love to the Steemians, you already know how this works, I will upvote but I'm waiting for a while to see what I get from non-steemians. I want to prioritise upvotes to my audience who are genuinely new to blockchain, new to Web 3.0 and looking at 3speak for the first time trying to figure out how this is different.

We're all trying to build this platform out: we've got the choir, we now need to fill rock stadiums!

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Facebook will never see this kind of incentive ever because it's just a place that takes and takes and kills privacy and with their censorship vendetta I wonder how decentralization won't kill them going forward.
The scenery on the cloud indicate it's not rained in a while in Tel Aviv, if I'm right? Haha finally, I think you're one of the best creators on 3speak Brian and from your vlogs in Israel. And I've always followed, well it's great you're chosing to do this really. Thanks a lot, I will love to see more of your drone flying.

You're exactly right, Facebook is dead to me and their censoring has to stop. People are leaving them daily. Steemit is the only place I hang out now to find quality, uncensored, content. Excellent video and I'm going to check out your drone video too, now that I've joined 3 Speak! 👍

I like that 😊

That's really great. Tokenized internet is the future and it seems that we are already living in. Glad you decided to create such video. It will motivate sure those who are commenting in twitter all the day for free, to come here and earn some money from that. I'm positive about the future of steem and I think nothing can compete with it. All people will forget about facebook, instagram and twitter and all the applications built on steem will be famous in all arround the world. I see how steemians are working hard to onboard the masses and we will do everything possible to make that come true.

I’m actually beginning to think twice about promoting @threespeak after seeing accounts like @brianoflondon that promote misinformation & hate.

You can always create a video response if you want to defend your ideas. It's not about @threespeak , if about who we invited to the platform. Invite those who will not spread misinformation & hate in your opinion and you will see them supported I guess. I also don't like fanaticism from any people. No matter what side they take.

That's my biggest appreciation to @3speak community. I believe this a great way to increase engagement on 3speak platform. Also your encouraging decision will make huge booster to users and commentors. Go ahead with you positive energy.

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I found your video because @theycallmedan resteem it. I must say I am thrilled by your positive attitude toward future of threespeak and tokenization of the web. You pointed the difference between facebook, youtube and threespeak, only three speak that reward the audience. So, there is NO reason NOT to be on threespeak. I also want to be making videos on threespeak very soon, I hope, once I collect ideas what to talk about for making videos. I feel it is a fckng amazing platform! I am already feeling I am missing out.

Good that you engage people for interaction.
@tipu curate

I liked the part where you mentioned that you will put this on Twitter. The thing we need right now is to let more people know about this great platform and one of the ways to do it is by promoting it on other social media platforms.

Well this is. Awesome.
Love the way you pronounced curator, almost sounded like creator😂. Oh well, you're the man with the power so you might as well be the creator 💪💪
Israel looks nice by the way, what city is that?

I am trying to get going on 3speak, but never bought crypto before, so no idea idea where to start. Need to make a payment before going forward.

Tokenisation is going to be huge and those staking their tokens early will benefit even more.
It was 3Speak’s own @theycallmedan that drilled home the idea with me that your attention is worth something. Soon advertisers are going to have to work much much harder and pay audiences to listen to their messages.
Of course, some will listen to anything - but I can see huge communities taking control of their attention and time.

What are you doing in Israel, out of interest?

We are setting up for Web 3.0 and guess what guys? Steem and 3speak are early adopters on what we can see what our future is about. It's all about tokeninzing the world and content will be awarded.

Great post Brian, Let's start spreading the message to the masses. Can you say goodbye facebook and twitter?... the new internet is here. :)

That is a really important thing in steemit world. We need to work against meaningless comments

No disrespect, but on what planet is a comment like this worth five bucks?

I don't think it is about price of the comment. It is a people opinion. I said what do I think about that topic and post and others support that point of you

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No disrespect but who's dick do I need to suck to get 5 $ on my comments? Because, I feel hungry and I'd love to suck some now.

Sounds attractive! 👍

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Really a very interesting offer, friend. You immediately pay cash for interesting comments on your video. I will try to get your reward.

Mission accomplished! Good job!

That's a great way to bring more attractive comments (far from spam) to your videos. Good luck on that though!

@brianoflondon, That's the beauty of Threespeak Platform. And specially i want to appreciate your extra effort which you've put into Twitter Promotion few minutes back about this Opportunity. Keep up the good work and stay blessed.

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Tokenized internet is indeed coming and in my opinion Steem's approach to it is currently the best compared to other chains. it's not perfect, for example I really dislike the convergent linear curve (linear is just way more straightforward, understandable, and fair) but SMT is coming and basically disagreements on token distribution can be solved by making an SMT so the future is looking good!

Great work on getting people to comment. Tokenising the internet and rewarding the content creators is clearly a superior consumer proposition to Facebook etc.

Hmm. Im not sure Oracle-d can sustain so many comments at such a high VP.

Even when it comes to comments, curation is a must.

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Facebook will be a distant memory in a few years. They should be called fakebook.

Wow. The example you gave about Facebook and YouTube is the main reason why I dumped Facebook. How the hell will I waste my time, attention and data on Facebook and don't get rewarded for it. I see Steemit at the top in the future. No wonder the hash tag #deleteFacebook is trending on Twitter already. Have a wonderful day. It's blistering hot over here too

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I left Facebook as soon as I realized what they was up to, banning anyone who spoke positive of tommy Robinson etc, Facebook are the fascists!

I heard about 3speak and I thought I would set up my own channel on it. I named myself centre-news and I plan on posting actual footage from both the left and the right, no editing as I want to let people make their own minds up.

I have always liked your video's on YouTube etc very informative and a very good speaker. Keep up the good work 👌

This is one of the best ways to bring new people to the blockchain and cryptocurrency world. Because people will stay in order to earn more a more for their comments. I also like earn crypto from video game or as simple as claiming some airdrops but this idea I think other platform will copy because it is amazing for the best content creators and their fans

Hello Brian, greetings from Venezuela mate! That's the magic of the internet buddy, especially Steemit and its Dapps such a 3speak which allow all users to reward content creators and followers who pay real attention to original content. I still wonder why social medias such a steemit haven't gone mainstream yet. I guess this gives us more time to get more steem in order to reward newcomers. I really do hope the heat to calm down a little over there. Cheers!

Excellent way to engage others. 3Speak is smart for providing benefits for its members to reward others on steemit. Do you feel there is more engagement on 3speak than

Congratulations @brianoflondon!
Your post was mentioned in the Steem Hit Parade in the following category:

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Just a note on the cash for comments: with great love to the Steemians, you already know how this works, I will upvote but I'm waiting for a while to see what I get from non-steemians. I want to prioritise upvotes to my audience who are genuinely new to blockchain, new to Web 3.0 and looking at 3speak for the first time trying to figure out how this is different.

We're all trying to build this platform out: we've got the choir, we now need to fill rock stadiums!

Okay when you mean non steemian do you mean that the peeps on Twitter who has seen the cash for comment post on Twitter and directly signs up on 3speak very quickly? That's really great Brian I mean you have great followership on Twitter, those guys might just be great addition to steem. If not who do you mean?

This is a generic comment about how awesome three speak is, tokenisation and how much Facebook/Twitter/YouTube sucks balls. Where's my upvote?

You're a day late... and therefore a dollar short. I'll give you one of my measly upvotes though (I'm low on power though as I was tipping like a drunken sailor yesterday).

What a great idea to attract more people to steem and blockchain in general!

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I said it before and I'll say it again, threespeak's model of handing relatively huge upvotes to it's comments is so far the best way a steem dapp has set up to introduce the fundamentals of web 3.0 to the masses.

Also, kudos on winning that upvote, hope you get to onboard a few more with it.

And btw, love the view in the background!

I believe, creating a Steem community lead by some admin or group of admins and convincing people, how their opinions, views and comments get rewarded on the new platform 3speak.onlin. I convince people based on the fact that there is no span on 3speak platform. Now, this statement is enough for those who have faced the nonsense of internet span. There are tons of groups, art communities and scientific communities on leading social platform, all of them try to find genuine communication with real interested and like-minded people, to help built thriving and healthy online platform, but unfortunately, most of these people have no idea about Steem Ecosystem, where all their requirements could be fulfilled. If we can have the provision of Steem referral program for onboarding others then I believe it wouldn't take much time to build groups and communities from all walks of life.

Firstly Steem Blockchain has its nose up against every other social platform online, which is genuinely acceptable and nothing wrong about it, because Steem Incentivise and Reward for peoples input, and not case with other social media platform, they don't even bother to provide data privacy in proper manner.

Secondly Anti-spamming is very effective on, even though there are people who try to create nuisance on Steem Blockchain but over time they get penalised, I never seen anything like this before. It is only matter of time, will witness the surge in it Sign-Ups. 3speak, Steemit and other platform are new cool of the intelligent people, because it is more than just username and password.

One Genuine Question here
Can we create platform like Linkedin using Steem Blockchain ?
I mean it must be possible by some or the other way...

It's late here in Israel and my turn with big upvote power is done. Thanks all who left comments.

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the action of 3speak is mega good. People on youtube write comments under the videos and they can be glad if the author takes note of them.

Steem offers the opportunity to reward followers.

This is a huge advantage in the internet age.

I think long Term we will see on many services some Reward mechanism ( hopefully Steem). Like product reviews that help for buying decisions, Video reviews, Q&A and so on.

Very interesting,
It's important to value our time and everything because it's the future and future is Crypto and Steemit; for that we're here! Moreover, I'll see and try ur rewards, nice !

In my opinion, the Internet should be a place where content creators earn for sharing ideas and knowledge. That should be the true essence of Social Media Tech.

Oh. I'm new to this whole tokenized thing. I'm really confused right now. What's going on here?😪

I don't use Facebook so much these days, because there is too much unnecessary info and ads. And I don't think something will change even after FB will implement their crypto

It's a great news to hear I will be rewarded for just making comments. For me I don't know much about crypto but putting in every effort to learn from 3speak. I spend so much time on social media without getting anything but with 3speak it will be a great thing to be rewarded.

It is worthless for me to use facebook and get nothing. It's just like wasting my time to work for someone without even getting any reward from it but with 3speak with this kind of reward for people to make comment I think it's a good idea. Thank you guys

It is worthless for me to use facebook and get nothing. It's just like wasting my time to work for someone without even getting any reward from it but with 3speak with this kind of reward for people to make comment I think it's a good idea. Thank you guys

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Great incentive plan. Looks like I missed it by seeing this late. I am saving up my steem to pay the monthly fee. Glad to hear there are advantages. I'm going to be following you. Love people rewarding genuine comments.

Well you point out the right issue here.Actually alot of people in the community they just upvote and give comments that are not relevant.So to make community understand, it's a nice idea to watch all the videos till the end to give a better comment which should be relevant. Nice step my friend .Keep it up!

Hi Brian, Can you explain the strategy you are applying on your 3Speak? Are you able to explain the core fundamental of how the all 3Speak ecosystem works? I much appreciate your work and dedication Thanks for your video.

I'll do that for sure in the future. There will also be some announcements coming out at Steemfest soon so we'll see what they say then.

Does anyone in this community Know how to collect the 3Speak Dollars? Thanks again...

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