I just completed my first Telos Worker proposal and paid about $5 or 75 Telos for a 2500 Telos Request around $150 TO BUY STEEM and use it to promote Telos! I will also give 1 TELOS each to whoever downloads SQRL makes an account & joins teh discord.

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So I had to pay 3% of the proposal, an idea different than steem and its flat rate of 10 SBD. Im not sure which is better, as I guess asking for 3% of the telos you want up front puts a limit on how much you want to ask for. Well 3 % of 150 or $5 was the perfect amount of telos for me to show my dedication. I am sure I will get funding from @telosfoundation https://telosfoundation.io I just have to show the results of a weekly post on telos AND telos on steem-engine which will be soon but we have to wait for @golos-classic first :)


Worker proposal Link for my Telos proposal for 2500 TELOS around $150 USD



Download SQRl wallet here for a free telos account: https://sqrlwallet.io/

And come to the TELOS discord https://TelosNow.org and get 1 free Telos just post your telos name in the discord and in comments here

And come to https://t.me/hellotelos for official telegram! Talk to DOUG the FOUNDER while hes still not famous yet, he will be the next Dan larimer however mark my words and soon hell be too busy to talk!

I also recommend talking with Daniel of telos mobile wallet mobile wallet you can ALSO download and create new accounts etc.


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Sqrl doesn't have Android version. So, I'll download it later when I am home wen l when in my PC.