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RE: Introducing SteemReply - Stay in touch with your Steem network

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Hello @arcange,

thank you making the Fast Reply Idea alive again.

Indeed, we published it one year ago and haven't been very active on the steem blockchain as you know, since we met last November at Steemfest in Krakow, family, baby and other stuff for @oroger and me :-)

But please, let me tell you how confuse I am with this tool you published... We know each other in real life, I was hoping that you would at least let us know first.

We did Fast-Reply as an open source tool so that it could be maintained/forked by anyone. I was just surprised that you never talked about it to us...

Upvoted for visibility.


Hello @roxane,

First let me congratulate you and @oroger for your new baby! I hope that everything went smooth during the birth.

Yep, I didn't contact you as your last social interaction with the blockchain took place more than 3 months ago, more than a year for @oroger. My last message to you has remained unanswered. Fully understandable as we now know a bit more about the recent events in you life, but your last post was all but clear about you staying or leaving.

Yes, as the licence for the project was MIT, I decided to fork it, mentioned the credits and revived it.

We are never better served than by ourselves, aren't we?

You're confused? I am too, when I see a 100% self-upvote "for visibility" and none on the post ... or when I wonder what's your real intent behind putting so much visibility on your comment.

Hey @roxane, nice to read you again: I really missed you! 😁

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