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RE: Introducing SteemReply - Stay in touch with your Steem network

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SteemReply sounds like it'll be a useful tool. I am happy to see the Steem Keychain integration as I think it's super important that we stop needing to potentially give away our login credentials to service providers to use the Steem blockchain.

When I log in, I see:

Hopefully, someone replies to this comment so I can try out SteemReply. To help new users immediately use the utility, it would be nice to populate the inbox with the last 7 days of activity upon first login. If it already does this, my apologies... not sure when my last activity was.


Hello @dhimmel, thank you for your feedback.
Here is the comment reply you requested 😆

About how the inbox is populated, it's written in the post:

SteemReply will look for and display any unanswered comments you have received on your posts or on your own comments in the last 7 days.
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Another couple suggestions:

  1. Would it be possible to have a tab for already-replied-to? This would be useful for adding additional comments to threads I've already commented on. Also for navigation. For example, I had trouble getting back to this post after I replied to it.

  2. I don't love having the "Posted with PNG" sentence appended to my comment although it is quite minimal. Would there be a way that donating over a certain amount could enable an option to disable the SteemReply signature?

  3. Could there be a self upvote option for one's own comments made through SteemReply?

Thank you for your suggestions @dhimmel
I have added them in my todo list.
I'm not sure if/when implement they, but will provide more info about this on next update.
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Ah cool. Sorry I missed that detail. Nice engineering decision.
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