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RE: Introducing SteemReply - Stay in touch with your Steem network

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Thank you @amico.

Is there any way to login from a mobile device?

Unfortunately no because mainstream mobile browsers do not allow to install extension like Keychain.
I might consider re implementing Steem Connect authentication, even if I find it "less secure"
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I think the choice of login method to use can be done consciously by each user. 😉

In steemreply could you add the ability to chose our preferred Steem condenser? (i.e.,,
Thanks! 🙏
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ability to chose our preferred Steem condenser?

First point of the roadmap in the post 👆🏻
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Ohh, thanks: you’re always very kind!

Please notice that @partiko have a different URL sintax (i.e. the username without “@“)

Cheers 🥂

Thanks for the tip about Partiko
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Maybe it works even with the standard URL... just check it. 😜

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Lies :P

Well, you did say 'Mainstream mobile' so I guess you are correct except Kiwi Browser is a mobile browser that is basically a Chrome clone and has support for Chrome extensions.

I've tested KeyChain and it works as expected in Kiwi mobile browser :)