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Every Wednesday at 8pm EST, Rob Gehring of Traffic Leads 2 Income VM conduct a regular weekly coaching webinar on Facebook live. This last Wednesday, Rob topic was "Getting Ready to Get Ready". During the session, he talked about two different groups. The first being action takers and the second are tire kickers. He talked about how the second group just doing activities to get things ready to be ready. However, the action takers after taking the initial action could also fall into the same trend of getting into activities of getting ready to be ready. He encouraged those attending to be the action takers that does take action and not be those that are getting ready to be ready.

Are you an action takers or a tire kickers? Are you ready or getting ready to be ready?

He challenged participants to review if their daily activities leads to their goals.

He emphasised that one of the daily activities that we should be doing is following up with our leads. Following up with leads may be a scary thing for many people but that is the purpose of being part of the co-op and getting leads. Rob also mentioned that follow up is not to sell to the leads but to have this process of getitng to know the leads, welcoming them and offer to assist them.

We may not all be good at sales but we can always help our leads to confirm and get them to the Telegram group so that the moderators and others who are competent in the sales process can help your leads.

These are some of the points of the webinar.

For a full recording of the webinar, go to the link here.

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Are you an action takers or a tire kickers?

I would say that most of us are a mix of both... In some spheres of our lives we are action takers, and in other's not so much...

But, the point is that we SHOULD be the action takers in what we want to thrive... In our business, our development of an idea... Because, without taking action, we would be only a day-dreamers...

Thanks for sharing your thoughts!

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How true. Thanks for sharing.

I love the question, are you an action taker or a tire kicker ;-) Most don't know!

I think I fall into both categories. Some days I am am action taker and other days I am a tire kicker.


Thanks for your thoughts.

I guess we all do like what Rob had said in the webinar. We need to focus our day on being an action taker. It is easy to fall into the tire kicker mode.

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