Why I Am Still Here...?

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It's amazing what a few days can do to this blockchain....

So before the Tron drama of the past 36 hours or so, @TheyCallMeDan asked a question...Or more of a challenge.

Come up with some reason why you are still here on the blockchain....

After the bear market. After the constant digs the outside crypto world seems to throw at Steem. Even being way out of being a top coin on the markets...

Why are you here Jongo?

You've spent a healthy sum of fiat into the token. (Buying at all time highs is never a good idea...) You've brought your entire business community over to Steem in the form of CTPtalk and CTP Token. Travelled to Poland for Steemfest 3 and even spoke at the Steem Creators conference in 2018...

Why Jon....WHY....Are you still here?

It's been tempting...Look at all the attention projects like Bitcoin, Ehtereum and others get...They never seem to deal with this drama that's consistent on Steem. I should just power down, sell my Steem and get into another project that isn't so 'hands on'...That's an option.

Why bother with this place?

Read the history of Steem and you'll uncover a big glorious mess of a beginning...It's pretty ugly. And kind of the reason we're in the mess we are right now to be honest...Is this a place I want to be in?

I do my best to onboard my business community and reward them with SBI tokens for their engagement and to encourage them to keep creating...Only to be downvoted by a guy who every week shows up, and removes some of my rewards...Because, that's the blockchain baby! Why do I even bother?

To be brutally honest...I can list dozens of reasons why I should leave Steem. Pack my toys and go...

But then....I read things like this:


That's a link to a story on CoinDesk. It goes over the battle this community is going through right now between the Steemit Inc / Tron merger and the Steem blockchain. Now I have my opinions on how we got to this place, and believe there were errors on both sides of the issue....However you cannot deny this simple fact.

Steem, the blockchain...Is one of if not the most powerful communities in the entire blockchain space.

And that's why I am still here...

The people!

I've written about this simple fact since I joined Steem and it still remains true...A lot of projects in the crypto space are theory....There is rarely use case for what they have on paper, and most of the 'active' blockchains are nothing but bots and gambling applications...

Steem though is filled with real people!

Entrepreneurs, crypto enthusiasts, anarchists, writers, photographers, artists, musicians, blockchain developers, gamers, cooks....Literally EVERY NICHE is a part of this community!

And the rest of the crypto world is starting to realize that....

You can buy the token, but you cannot buy the community!

We can use Steem. We can build on it. And it's part of our daily lives in so many ways....It's the true human experience on the blockchain and I'm honored to be a part of it.

So my hats off to everyone in Steem, that creates here everyday. That builds here as well. And that has shown the world that we are just getting started :)

Why I Am Still Here?

Better question is....Why aren't you here yet?


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The battle is far from over but we proved a point... I was loosing interest in this platform but seeing how the community united to fight the hostile takeover motivated me to keep steeming. The 7th non justin witness is about to enter the top 20

It truly is remarkable what this community can accomplish. Everything else will sort itself out, I truly believe that.

I know, right? I’ve never once considered leaving Steem, and it’s for all the reasons you mention. The people here are interesting and multi-faceted. They have every passion under the sun, and they (we) are from everywhere. I LOVE that. I don’t want a homogeneous world populated with people like me. I want diversity and a cultural mix — people with different ages and backgrounds and tastes in everything from music to food, travel and entertainment. And I want to see that in my feed every day. What do people in Sri Lanka like to do? How similarly or differently do mothers raise their children around the world? If I wanted to build a network of people interested in —say— microbreweries, where could I do that? Hello! Here on Steem.

I have left a Discord server or two because the DQ (drama quotient) was too high for me, but I’ve never considered leaving Steem. There are so many options for communities and involvement that if one doesn’t work for me I know I have other options.

There is no place like Steem. And I truly hope that when we move on to the next chapter, it’s a little better, a little less tumultuous, and a little more fun. But if not, I’ll just make some popcorn and watch the show.

I think that's what makes it so special...We see it all here. It's amazing the different communities and backgrounds that make up this place....It truly is remarkable.

And most of the drama is about blockchain views and stake stuff, not about politics or religion and all the normal tired stuff people fight about. For whatever reason, I find it preferable to the standard fare.

ha ha ha ha that's a really good point

Just what I need to motivate myself of this hard battle we experience right now.

It's been n insane few days...But wow, what a crazy time to be here lol

Thanks for sharing your reasons and opinion, Jon... This is a great initiative for all Steemians to take a look in themselves and find those reasons and write them down... And make them even more motivational than they are!

Agreed. You find a reason why you are here....You will never leave :)

Thank you Jon for introducing me & the rest of the CTPers to Steem. I love the communities here. Even if we have diverse interests, we could all coexist and support one another in our little way. I hope all will work out for the greater good of all Steemians, esp ordinary folks like me. 😉👍 thank you for this! Resteeming it!!!

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I truly hope so as well...But egos are getting in the way it seems....No matter what happens, this community is still king :)

Great post Jon and quodos to Staying Power, I think that too many people give up too easily and let a little adversity get in the way of bigger pictures.

Ther is smart investors that believe that now is the time to pull out.

My own case of Bitcoin demonstarted to me that if its not a major stress then just hang in, because at some pibt of time the return for investment is going to exceed the investment.

The return on Investment here on steem is counted in a lot more forms than just Steem.
Community is strength

Oh I'm game for the long run....It's scary but I believe in the bigger picture of Steem. Might be blind loyalty but still lol

Well said. Steem on! @tipu curate

Thank you very much!

Upvoted 👌 (Mana: 5/10 - need recharge?)

Great motivation Jon, and the community is everything, I need to do a post about this now, it's very inspiring to see how Steemians pull together, and CTPtalk is awesome.

appreciate that man. thanks for the comments.

Thanks Jon, and stay awesome.

I fully agree with what you said Jon.

Appreciate that man, thanks for the comments :)

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How inspiring! Very well said! I join you in feeling, @jongolson.