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I have no idea why I didn't write this sooner because I've been paying attention to everyone's amazing posts! @theycallmedan started this initiative almost 2 week ago and it's really taken off...

I think it's become so successful because of what Steem represents to so many! So here's my 'War & Peace' article on 'How Steem Has Impacted My Life!'

Thanks for reading it :)

It All Started In 1999...

I had been in business for myself since then. And throughout those years I had my hands in to every possible 'online business' you could imagine. I had some successful businesses but to be honest, I really was at the right place at the right time, because let's be honest...I'm not that smart ;)

Fast forward to 2017 and my company that I co-owned faced some massive challenges. Our industry, which relied 100% on income derived from PayPal sales, took a major hit. The powers that be at PayPal decided, they didn't want any of our business anymore. No reason, no explanation just an email that said...

"Your account has been permanently suspended!"

Nice! After 17 years of relying on one payment processor for everything...I had nothing. To say I was depressed and lost was an understatement.

Because all of my income was tied up in PayPal and they froze what funds the company had in reserve, I had to figure something out...Quick.

This is the part of the story where I picked myself up and found a solution.....

Unfortunately, this isn't that kind of story. I ended up losing my home and my life savings because of horrible business decisions and was...Truly lost. And to make matters even more complicated...Was the father of a brand new baby boy!

It was easy to feel sorry for myself and I did...For about 5 minutes.

Because then I remembered that I was an entrepreneur! And we thrive during challenges!

So I took what I had learned over nearly 2 decades of being in business for myself and started poking around....

Crypto Is Boomin'!

Call it fate, but my ex-company had been dabbling in crypto a few years before the boom of 2017. I had a bunch of Litecoin that I had mined from years prior that kinda just sat there...But then I checked that summer and that little digital coin was worth like 50 bucks each or something then...I was hooked!

I began to poke around and discovered this crypto faucet called EOBOT and in it, there was a token that you could 'mine' called Steem.


A social media based blockchain...What?

I was so intrigued that I started to research everything I could about this 'too good to be true' opportunity...

When you first dive into anything online, you are told to do your due diligence! And that's I did! I actually downloaded and read the white paper for both Steem and SMT's. As well as the Blue Paper that can all still be found on!


I. Was. Hooked!

The entrepreneur in me immediately thought...

"How can I add my online businesses to this blockchain and start accepting it as payment as well!"

And another part of me was saying....

"This is great! I'm a blogger and this place will actually PAY me to write blogs...All about my journey here! I'm sold...Where do I sign up?"

And my journey began...

I knew I needed to let the world know about this blockchain and bring more entrepreneurs to it...So I started planning my attack.

My new business partner and I had began work on BitcoinBully, which took elements from my past businesses to 'teach' everyday people about Bitcoin and other projects. The lessons were done in video format that allowed students to go at their own pace. As well, it was set up so that everyday people could 'understand' what was going on without being to overwhelmed!

And one the first thing I did was an entire training course inside BitcoinBully for Steem.

That then became SteemSavvy!

It's mission was to make Steem accessible for everyday people that were intrigued about it's possibilities...

SteemSavvy took me to a few offline events as well.

The first was to Toronto in September of 2018 for the Steem Creators Conference. And what was even better...I got the opportunity to speak in front of everyone there and show them SteemSavvy and my idea to help onboard regular people and entrepreneurs to the blockchain. What an experience!

I then travelled to Poland for Steemfest 3 in November of 2018 and kept the SteemSavvy message front and center. I couldn't shake the thoughts in my mind that Steem was the perfect place for the blockchain to meet online entrepreneurs and vice versa. It was a match made in heaven and when I returned from that experience I was more focused than ever....

Which brings us to....

ClickTrackProfit & CTPtalk Tribe

One thing I have learned over the years is that when you present an idea to people it needs to be...Simple!

I had thousands of entrepreneurs in my businesses that could benefit from being on Steem. And I had Steem that could benefit by having more entrepreneurs in it's midst...So how could we bring them together?

Enter Steem-Engine's tribes and tokens!

We had the match! Now it was time to execute....

Over the past 6 months we've put everything into bringing our entrepreneurs over to Steem. Step one was encouraging them to start creating content using! Actually USING a cryptocurrency and a blockchain to show them...There is real world value and use case here. Especially for their businesses!

But the biggest problem still remained from all those years ago...

PayPal ruined a lot of businesses so how do we build a better payment option? One that we, the entrepreneurs, could own and never need to worry about being shut down...?

Fire-Pay is launched!

We took our token on Steem-Engine and created an IPN (Instant Payment Notification) script that could plug into any website with simple code...Now businesses in our industry could accept Steem-Engine based crypto with ease and develop real markets with real use case for all this crazy stuff!

The mission is finally being realized...

So getting back to the question...

How has Steem impacted my life?

It didn't just impact my life...It SAVED my life!

I got to meet some of the most remarkable people on the same journey as I was on. These amazing people meet together everyday in the CTP / Steem Savvy Discord group. And I get to see their journey and share in it. It's been such an honor to get to know each of them personally! But it also allowed me to focus on something I believe in so much!

Steem is so much more than just another blockchain. It's people. It's entrepreneurs. Authors. Musicians. Creatives. Photographers. Artists. Tech Geniuses. It's the full human experience....!

And because of that, it's something the everyone needs to know about. That's my new mission...To tell the world about Steem every day I can :)

I think another question could be....

How has Steem NOT impacted my life?


Learn more about the CTP, CTP Token and the Fire-Pay IPI:

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The Union Is Here!

Blockchain meets Affiliate Marketing....

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Hey Jon, it took me a while to check out the new CTP, but now I've seen what you're doing with it, and with Steem - I'm hooked! I checked it out on 14th January and have been back every day since then!

Screenshot 2020-01-23 at 11.12.57 PM.png

Thanks for bringing Steem to our attention with such enthusiasm; it's exciting to see you've come through the Paypal crunch and emerged on the other side with a great solution for all of us to work with.

You have no idea how awesome reading this was!

Thank you sir and it's awesome to have you back. And I agree...Getting hooked on this stuff is very easy LOL

It certainly helped me out of a very bad place too. I feel a renewed sense of excitement now and I am glad others are feeling it too

Yeah it really did. And what's awesome is that these stories aren't rare. Steem really did pull so many people up!

Great story, Jon! What a journey... and it's still going... I'm so grateful for Steem and all the fantastic people that I have met here...

I saw this initiative, but never found the time to do my part... I will try in the next few days...

Yeah man, me too. Nothing is better. The community, the potential....Everything is pretty good on the 'chain!

Great to read your story in detail Jon, and the best is the closing words, how has it not impacted your life, that shows the real power, and I might have to get on this challenge too, it has made a world of difference, stay awesome.

Thanks man, appreciate you!

Yeah it really has changed so many people's lives :)

Exactly that.

What an amazing adventure! Even with the bumps between those are meant to appear to make you stronger! So damn glad and proud to be here and embrace this journey with you and everyone in our awesome community! Can't thank you enough :) The Force of the Fireball is with us!

ha ha ha ha ha The Gif of all Gifs!!!!!

Awesome post JonGo. Interesting to see the progression.

I can say without a a shadow of a doubt you have ADDED tremendously to this Blockchbain ;)

Appreciate that man. Just trying to do my part to spread the word :)

Another fantastic post. So so so happy I am along for this ride. So glad you discovered Steem and brought Clicktrackprofit back to life.

Thanks man. Yeah we've got a few more surprises coming in the next few months too ;)

Awesome!! Thanks for sharing your Story/Ride!! Keep it going into the Future! Respect, man! Respect!

LOL What a ride it's been!!!!!

yes sir, and I am gonna ride it harder!! success

Quite a story.. I have my own and and there are many similarities between our stoies.. And i am also here for to make some positive changes in my life with Steem.. I am always reading blogs like yours and try to learn something and gain some inspirations.. Thanks to you because you opened my eyes larger and now i can see the bigger picture better..

I was also victim of Paypal, when they just closed their business in Turkey my $2400 just gone away.. I was making quite good money with my website and my Etsy shop and they were only oaying with Paypal.. Anyways, after i lost my all i came into this crypto and blockchain world and tried to find myself.. I believe my biggets mistake is i have found Steem so late.. I coudln't imagined that things would be this big and great in here..

From now on i am spending more time in here and publish my articles and try to learn about any new stuffs. I will also keep following you and never will forget about your inspiration..

Thank you..

Oh I hear you....I wish I found Steem about 6 months earlier. Woulda made a big difference in my Steem Power I think.

Urgh, hate hearing about the PayPal stuff. Sadly we aren't the only ones hurt by it. It was so widespread, I can't believe they got away with doing that to so many entrepreneurs.

But it all happens for a reason and now we are here :) Thanks so much for the comments!

Thank you Jon for sharing your story! A true entrepreneur seeking out solutions rather than focusing on problems.

Oh absolutely...And I focused on the problems too long...Now it's time for solutions!

Such a journey! So inspiring. Glad to know affiliate marketing has it place in steem blockchain. I will assign a time to explore the project. Thank you for sharing your journey and perspectives with us.

Thanks very much for the comments! Yeah it's a really good match! Passionate people getting together and sharing what they love online.

Thank you for sharing your journey

Thank you for believing in CTP and Steem!

@jongolson(/jongolson) saludos mi querido steemer y espero disculpe que le escriba en español pero no hablo bien el ingles, bueno voy al grano. lei su post y francamente me alegro por usted, ya que a salido-al parecer- de sus apuros gracias a steem y siempre me alegra que alguien, ademas de mi mismo, viva la alegría de superar escollos en la vida, pero me llamo poderosamente la atención, cuando dice " Una cosa que he aprendido a lo largo de los años es que cuando presentas una idea a la gente, debe ser ... ¡Simple!" y la verdad me resulta difícil entender que de simple tiene su post?, si para entenderlo hay que tener un mínimo de conocimientos que cualquiera no tiene. Usted parece ser una persona con mucho camino andado no solo en dos décadas de experiencia sino que,-por lo que escribe-(puede dar mucho mas), con muchos o mas bien muchísimos conocimientos sobre lo que dice -no solo por lo vivido, sino que tambien por sus estudios al respecto así que que es muy posible, que no este enterado de lo complejo, de lo que ha expresado, y como salta de una idea a otra- en mi humilde opinión, con la velocidad del gato( por decirlo de una manera)- y no termina de exponer buena parte de lo vivido. Claro entiendo que no hay tiempo que perder para ir al grano de su idea ultima( por la que escribió el post. Yo supongo esto a riesgo de equivocarme) y he aquí, que me gustaría saber mas de sus experiencias -imagino que a buena parte de quienes lo leemos tambien les pasa lo mismo) y créame no es fácil entenderlo. Mi sugerencia es que, se lea a si mismo y vea en donde da un salto y se va por otro camino. Cuando podía desarrollar mucho mas sus ideas y vivencias(inconclusas). haa y es un buen dato de lo que nos puede pasar, si confiamos en paypal.

Gracias tambien por las referencias a las paginas que amplían su información, saludos y espero sus próximos post .

Muchas gracias por los comentarios. Lo mejor de cualquier tipo de interacción en línea en estos días es que podemos usar Google Translate :)

Espero que disfrutes de tu viaje Steem y sigas publicando comentarios y tu propio contenido para experimentar todo lo que Steem tiene para ofrecer.

@jongolson(/@jongolson si ya estoy disfrutando de este viaje steem (en serio) ya he publicado un par de contenidos aunque de muy diferente tema. agradezco mucho tu voto y te sigo porque me parece interesante tus viajes así como tu experiencia, aunque insisto en que desarrolles mas tus ideas, que de seguro voy a leer con atención.
Un abrazo y mi respeto por su trayectoria.
Una ves mas. Saludos.

Steem has been a life changer for many of us, including myself! It is such an honor to be included in the journey with you & so many amazing Steemians & CTPians (is that even a word? LOL). I am glad you found this blessing in your life.

As I have said before, this is only the beginning as all of our dreams are being realized! As Eric says, let's shoot for the moon & keep saving Unicorns! :)🙌🦄

Unicorns being saved daily!!! LOL

That's a great question....Is that even a word??? lol

Lololol go9p8g6gg9.jpg

Oooh, I need to know more about your CTP project! Thanks foe sharing your story... enthusiasm is CONTAGIOUS.

Thanks for the comments! For sure, anytime you wanna learn more, we're always around :)

It has been a great ride so far Jon the ups and yes the downs, now we are in that steady growth mode, and one day ctp tokens and programs will moon shot to the moon. Keep at it and drag the rest of us a long for the ride.

Yeah man, we're just getting started here. So excited to see what happens next! Thanks for believing in everything we've been building man!

Awesome inspiring content, Jon! ^_^ I'm happy to be on Steem too. Now, I need to expand my knowledge of crypto and it's use case like you said. Happy midweek! :)

So awesome, and you've been amazing to watch grow on this platform. Keep crushing it!!!

That is really an intriguing story and view! Actually I have ctp tokens in my steem engine account I have no idea how they appeared there or what to do with them. But I do know the tokens are there for purpose 😊

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For sure....Yeah we are a tribe that flys under the radar, but work really hard to bring more people to Steem. And on top of that, lots of use case now for those CTP tokens you are earning :)

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Wah! Aduh. Aku tidak tahu @jongolson bisa bercakap2 dalam bhs indonesia.

LOL Man, I just used Google translate LOL I'm not that talented.

@jongolson - I lived in Indonesia for 12 years. It has been fun to engage Indonesian members of the Steem community in their heart language.

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