I want to give out 4 100% upvotes today!

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I want to give out 4 100% upvotes today on great post made in the last 24 hours.

Did you see any post in the last 24 hours that you think is deserving of more rewards? Post them below, and I will select 4 for 100% upvotes.


@theycallmedan, Kindly find the below blog post which is shared by @abh12345. In my opinion this blog post reflects that family and their memories are most precious aspect.


Have a wonderful time ahead and stay blessed.

Feel bad promoting my own post now :) Thanks @chireerocks!

Welcome and nothing to feel bad brother. You've spoke your heart and it's always appreciable. Stay blessed.

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I second this post

Me too!!


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Let me nominate another top notch travel post. This time from our amazing @gabrielatravels. It is about the iconic Sagrada Familia Church https://steemit.com/travelfeed/@gabrielatravels/let-s-travel-together-114-la-sagrada-familia-basilica-barcelona-tour

Published just 20 minutes ago, hot stuff :)

Awww, that's so sweet of you!! Thank you so much for support and nomination! ❤️

It was my pleasure Gabriela :) I am so happy for you that Dan stopped by and supported this outstanding travel post with his massive upvote ;) Well deserved!

Yes..really made my day! It's been a while since I was hit with an upvotr that weights so much. And it brings a big smile on my face :) thanks to both of you! The difference can be felt ❤️

Happy to hear that :) The way in which Dan has been supporting the Steem community is truly admirable. We need more ambassadors like him. And more quality content creators like you :)

Steemit would be a better place if more people were like Dan for sure. Thank you for the kind words and for your contribution to this platform! :)

Dang, @jaynie - I should've scrolled before I sent my reply... and your first choice was my second one... 😜

I wish there was a way to burn steem

This is so very kind of you @geekgirl! Thank you!!! :)

I resteemed a post deserving of 5 100% votes. ☺ The best ive seen on Steemit in months.


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Every Sunday :) I been running a league of engagement for 20 months or so now and most of the payout goes to those on Steem still curating and commentating.

@esteemapp sponsor it with a vote, it'd be good to have a bit more in the pot.


I just launched this contest about sports video games. Its difference is that I am riding the wave of creating new tribe and tokens to reward the winners with multiple rewards (SPORTS / PAL / LEO and STEEM).

This is the first time I have tried to do something like this and hope it works. I would appreciate your help, @theycallmedan (as well as all the other steemians who are also reading this comment).


I promise you this story will make you smile - and the photography is amazing: https://steemit.com/peoplephotography/@victorbz/story-makes-a-story-people-photography-by-worldcapture-week-34

hugs !!!


Well i did sow this post that i actually give it a resteem because was at 0 at the rewards and i think it's well done and have a great message specially the subject is a very interesting one... below you have the link:

May I give you my last post just from minutes before. Because it's an inspiration on the moneyflow in a spiritual way?! ;)


@steemterminal and @heyhaveyamet work their Asses off t for all the new comers so ...... all help would be great ! Thanks

@theycallmedan, I'm replying to an old post so I don't clutter your live posts with something negative.

I wanted to show you why someone like me (22 month vet) has a distaste for how people are treated here. I made a post that was critical, but constructive. There were also many thoughtful replies that took time to compose and written by people that care. Not only was the post downvoted into oblivion, but also the words of most of the people that replied.

While I could care less about the $1 monetary reward, I do get a "why bother" taste in my mouth when my speech is silenced like this.

I am not asking you to "do" anything because frankly he would just attack all the good things you do. But this kind of activity has gone unchecked for a very long time and we have lost many awesome people that just decided its not worth the time to care about Steemit.

I'm pointing it out in case you don't know, this is a perfect example of suppression of free speech by a bully. And why I rarely post anymore.

Here is the post:


Good luck to you, and if you got this far, thanks for listening!

You’re a fucking crybaby. Your post is still visible for anyone to read.

Censorship? Bullshit. You’re clueless.

omgosh... you follow me here too? Of course you blocked it and it definitely IS censorship. I'm not crying at all since I don't expect you to stop, nor do I expect anything. I just want someone that's relatively new to understand a major reason WHY people are leaving. The only point in 14 points that applied to you was the downvotes (which even you couldn't argue you are a avid user of), but that was enough for you to take it out of view. Plus you wanted to punish many of the people that agreed with it by downvoting them too.

Frankly I don't care about the $1 I'm not going to get now. So I'm far from crying at all... And for the record here's what is seen now when someone looks at it:

That looks like its not visible to me.

Uh, there’s a “show” button. Anyone can see it.

You’re s whiner, nothing more. That’s why your post was flagged. I honestly didn’t even read it all.

lol... that's funny... You and I both know that nobody runs around hitting the "show" button and reading posts that say "This post was hidden due to low ratings." ...

and maybe the fact that you didn't read it all says something powerful...As a large Steem holder yourself, I'd think you'd like to find ways to encourage people to be on the platform. Surely you must see some linkage between the value of Steem and the number of people using it.

And be honest with yourself on why you flagged it (and flagged almost everyone that agreed with the post)... and we both know its not because I'm "whining".

Steem, as a crypto is failing because of the leeches (including Steemit, inc.), not because a few morons (mainly the ones who resteemed you) get flagged.

Let me put it this way, when there were tons of people using the platform and keeping their faith in the future of what Steemit could be, that created demand.

The increase in demand may have been overwhelmed by the "leeches" you refer too taking more than they should have, and thus the fall in value.

So my point is while you may be entirely right that people are leeching off the system, it doesn't help to run people off either. Obviously I would agree with you if there are people "taking" what they shouldn't be. But I would also think you should agree that we should find ways to increase demand in the future too.

If your grand strategy is to run people off so that the place is a ghost town, Steem drops, and that will expose the "leeching"...then I guess it could work. The hard part though would be getting the people back when you've fixed the hole the money was leaking out from. Seems like a lot of work to run people off (and then hope to get em back).

ps... maybe a few of the "morons" might support you if you took the time to explain how they could.

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Great... Go on for the Noble upvotes...

This post from @abh12345 promotes engagement and interaction among people. I find that it is just the right amount of incentive to entice people.

It is a huge undertaking on his part.

Here is the link: https://steemit.com/engagement/@abh12345/4qdury-the-curation-and-engagement-leagues

Thank you for your consideration!

You are a real example of support.

Hi dan💐
There are two articles on my side by Mr. Dawei from the Chinese section. he helps a lot of good articles every day. he is really a good person with positive energy.thanks💗



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A warm upvote for my friend @elsiekjay on her post: https://steemit.com/threespeak/@elsiekjay/ltsvxife

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Count me in!

Hey there here's my post about my travels across Pakistan and the exotic places I got to see, so if you don't really know much about this beautiful country I hope you see my blog and experience some of its natural beauty.

She makes most of her actifit posts into awesome photo stories:


Hi dan😊
I recommend two articles here, thank you:)


来自于 [WhereIn Android] (http://www.wherein.io)

This post talks about today's history in football

This series by @watersnake101 about his family's visit to the Island of Corregidor has been amazing - full of information and photographs, to the point that I feel like I've been there. Here's the latest post, published 8 hours ago -

The Mile Long Barracks - Beautiful Sunday

You are very generous @theycallmedan! It would be great if you could consider my wife’s latest post. I’ve convinced her to be on Steem and any extra encouragement would help 😄


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Hi, Dan

Please check out Ben Flanagin's post, it is meant to create a standard API for games on STEEM.

As per his own words:

With OpenSeed the game developer can focus on what is really important, making games. While allowing them to be a part of a decentralized network.


Today I fell in love with this piece that gives us this extraordinary user, I think it is worth giving love to this type of content that shares us for free to brighten up the day!

Hi Dan, this one is unique : a post about the unfortunate disaster of US military plane, an English hill, a 70 year old wreck site and a 3D drone model: https://steemit.com/palnet/@dronegraphica/stories-from-a-crash-site-usaf-b29-over-exposed

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Upvote the comments on @threespeak's task and encourage the entire Steem community to do the same 😄👍



Congratulations @theycallmedan!
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