Tronit Is Coming...What Should We Do?

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So it's no secret by now, you've heard the news...

Justin Sun (Tron) has purchased Steemit.

Kind of a big deal for this blockchain, and there are tons of speculation on what the future holds going forward. Tomorrow there will be an AMA (Ask Me Anything) forum on Dlive (of all places lol) co-hoted by Justin and the ex-director of Steemit Inc, Ned Scott.

Here's what we know...

1. Steemit is now owned by a top 12 token / project in Tron.

2. They (Tron) now own about 20% of all circulating Steem. (As far as we know...)

3. Steemit IS NOT Steem!

4. Steemians are very confused

5. Did I mention...DLive is hosting the AMA? This in itself is hilarious....

So what does this mean for the holders of Steem. The community and the people that have created so much value here on the blockchain.

In short...

We don't know yet.

There is a ton of speculation and lots of FUD, which is 100% to be expected. And given Steemit Inc's lack of community engagement it stands to reason why people are concerned...

However, we just don't know what this means...YET!

So what can we do?

We could power down...Which seems to be the first reaction of many. I would caution against this because we just don't know what this 'token swap' means yet. It could be great for Steem, it could be bad...We don't know.

I personally do not know what to think about the entire situation, but I know this...

Steem is a LOT bigger than just a 'blockchain'. It's people. And it's a vibrant community of people that care.

So for me, and my business...I encourage everyone on and heck, even Steem as a whole...Let this play out and see what happens. But never stop creating!

Remember, the blockchain is there no matter what happens. Your content and your ability to plug into this community is something very unique in the blockchain space.

Celebrate that.

No matter what the next few days brings, remember PEOPLE are what make this place so unique and special.

Keep creating, that's what we can control. Keep engaging, we can do that every single day!

Do your own homework and read up on the decisions that will be coming, but never lose sight of the fact that this blockchain's biggest asset...Is and always will be...The people!


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  ·  5 months ago (edited)

Steem is a LOT bigger than just a 'blockchain'. It's people. And it's a vibrant community of people that care.

Couldn't agree more! But care about Steem, which, despite all and everything, is a brand.

Remember, the blockchain is there no matter what happens.

That's arguable. Steem is likely going to turn out a token on Tron. No self governance, no "censorship-resistance". A guest in someone else's house. Following the house rules. Likely the Steem community will be looked upon as a second tier community on Tron. Unless there's a chain split. Which itself would mean very hard times ahead for Steem.

And all that when things seemed to brighten up a bit.

We'll see. From what I've heard, things are going status quo for a while...Until they figure out a way to 'merge' I guess LOL

Way above my pay grade, I just create here.

Yeah, at the AMA it was a different kind of speech, but I wonder if it was just talk or he is actually meaning to be more flexible.

The worst that can happen will be a chain split and I continue as usual!

The last thing Steem needs is a bunch of people who can't market to save their lives....Doing their own thing. But ya, worst case scenario for sure.

Well... We were begging for some marketing and attention... So, we got it :)

Ha ha ha ha ha Marketing overkill? LOL

Now it's too much? Never happy enough... :)

I hope Steem carries on. I doubt I'll be interested if everything moves to Tron.

I dont know enough about the project to be brutally honest...Just Justin had dinner with Warren LOL

I am actually excited. For no reason other than it is change. Change is always exciting. It can also be painful, but in the end, it is all an adventure!

Oh strap up for sure, it's going to be a doozy lol

Just let's hope for better things to come up.

Agreed....That's the best way to look at it for me too.

Alls I know is that I enjoy engaging with people, sharing knowledge and having fun. I will continue business as usual :)

Yeah nothing has changed at all for me, other than...People re talking about Steem more lol

I know almost nothing about Tron and their attitude to social platforms. However, I cannot help wondering, what happens to STEEM blockchain if tis platform is moved to Tron?

Will it be up for grabs at a bargain price? How does STEEM make money?

Yeah I'm in the same boat...Just rumors and reading Twitter is about all I know about Tron.

Apparently the AMA this morning didn't answer much...Hopefully the powers that be on Steem will share more input over the next few days.

I have not seen or read a transcript of the AMA yet. But, if @justinsunsteemit is the business minded person he seems, then he will look to make changes cautiously and methodically.

I agree with you, no reason to stop forward progress until there is a good reason to stop. We just have to wait and see what happens.

Just keep creating man, that's never a bad play :)

I agree 100%. I don't plan on going anywhere yet, because Steem (& now CTPTalk) is where I became inspired again & have grown so much in the 8 months I have been active on the blockchain. I have been blessed to be in an amazing tribe that thrive on supporting one another as we pursue our dreams & individual journeys. The blockchain itself has opened my eyes to so many possibilities that I never knew existed, which has spilled over into positive changes in my life. So, I am staying.

Of course, as you said, we should be aware of what's going on & not go into the default panic mode. Things could get a lot better. Who knows? But keep creating & let's just #pushon. Life is full of changes & sometimes it can be for the best. It is just inevitable.

Rolling with it here too...See what happens, but like you said...My Steem journey, like yours, has been epic so far. And I think it'll keep getting better

The most important thing is to not panic without reason... Ned was a pretty static person behind Steemit Inc., and they have a new boss now...

We can only continue to create and engage at the moment... bring more value to STEEM and CTPTalk... In any way, we as a community will push through... ;)

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He didn't really do anything or at least from what I can see over the past few years. Thankful for what he built, but time to move on.

Yeah no time to panic, he wants the userbase too, not just the technology, and he won't have that by forcing things, and as to the token swap that was talked about is beyond the foreseeable future if ever, but SMT's might happen on Tron instead, he did not seem to understand that question and he earlier stated that Tron would provide that functionality, so let's hope for the best or that the Unicorn's will save us.

We'll always have Steem Engine :) LOL

Yeah and we should totally make a unicorn token on SE.

This should be motivation to create more content, not less. I have been doing some curating of content myself.

That's my thinking...Especially with Tron's exposure and influence...Huge potential for more engagement and people seeing our content.