From a Layman's View Part I

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         I remember this promotional image made by another Steemian last year. I'm not gonna lie, I can't remember who. It was around the time of late August and Labor Day in 2018. I recall the STEEM price being around $0.80-0.90. That's right, seven to eight times the current price, and the chain had even less features then.

         When I look back on some of the "promotional" materials, I can't help but feel that something was amiss. Kudos to those who were trying, but it seemed as if they weren't targeting the right people. And, the chain didn't have the right organizations (@steemalliance, etc.) to act.

         Steemians always talk about "mass adoption", but do they think about how to get there? I'm sure you've seen it all, but let's take a moment and pretend we are outsiders with no crypto knowledge looking in.

Censorship Resistance

         How many everyday social media users worry about censorship of their browsing experience? Little to none. Think about your average Facebook user. Boy, they are living in fear of not being able to banter with strangers and watch random videos. Last I checked, plenty of people photo-blogged their lives without second thoughts.

         Point being, this isn't something your average Joe cares about. This is a content creator issue. Before you mention places like China, I don't see people from there flocking to Steem. Would that even be wise? Having the blockchain record every "anti-government" sentiment as evidence against you later?

         Back to authors, only those who face demonetization would find this attribute valuable. Looking back on Pewdiepie, that was the smartest move DLive ever made. The guy has a large following and they moved with him to a different platform. The followers are there because of Pewdiepie, not because of some grand vision. So, cut the horse crap about your Libertarian Utopia.

         Like I said, your average Joe doesn't care. Hell, even I don't care. Content creator not facing the above-mention problems? They don't care either.

Zero-fee Transactions

         Why would average people care about this? The answer is, again, they don't. Unless they are moving money across borders on a regular basis, it's a moot point. And that is assuming they are moving money through digital venues.

         But this feature has extreme value to businesses. Think about Gods Unchained. Miners on Ethereum can be jerks to deal with. Then, add transaction fees on top of it all. All they need the blockchain for is to confirm ownership on purchases. On the local level, think about Splinterlands. Imagine having to pay before you buy, sell, and move your cards.

         A different example for business use of the blockchain is New Balance. You know what they use the Cardano network for? No, not to speculate or be a large staking pool. They use the chain as an authentication service for their luxuary goods.

         Businesses don't depend on the reward pool for revenue. They sell products. They also have a following like successful content creators. In essence, they don't extract value from the chain, they add to it.

         When you look at stuff like @bukio and their @booksteem project. It doesn't seem like a business at all. Do they expect to bring "investors" returns by using the reward pool? Steemians should scrutinize "businesses" whose revenue consists of reward pool. Does @fundition fit into that mold as well?

Three-second Confirmations

         Some people know credit cards only appear to have instantaneous transactions. Banks and credit card companies settle the books at the end of the day, but it's instant from the consumers' view. Telling someone about this would only leave them scratching their head.

         Like all the points above, this isn't something an average person cares about. It's more valuable to businesses and those who deal with those behind-the-scenes work.

         At the end of the day, someone like me only cares whether this stuff works.

         So, you are thinking: "well, what have you done?"

         The answer is there's not much I could do. There might not be much anyone can do unless they have connections and weight in the real world. This is why I'm somewhat baffled by the slow organization of @steemalliance. Do we want a liaison to the world or not? Business development is a needed function in this decentralized landscape. Ask any major blockchain project.

         You might say, "tell your friends and neighbors". I will cover that segment next time.

         You can't expect someone from, say Nike, to tell the board they got the recommendations to use Steem. From who? Oh, some strangers on the internet. Not a legal entity, but some people. Not only that, they seem to hold some large stake in this obscure network. Sounds like a scam is more like it. This is why getting that @steemalliance working is important.

         It's the same thing with known content creators. Unless you are well-established in that fandom, I don't see how you could bring the said creators over. Spamming in their Twitch chat or Discord is not marketing. That's noise liken to fart in the wind.

         For content creators that use other social media, put your Steem profile links there. What is the point when you hide it away from the world? Are you afraid more people will come in and take away from your slice of the pie? Or, are you ashamed of being part of the community?

         I'll be honest and say that I don't advocate for the network because I am ashamed. Ashamed of the social interactions. Ashamed of the lackluster features. Ashamed of the shady behaviors you wouldn't see out in the open in the real world.

         And no, people like @jerrybanfield won't get the network there. Your sales pitch shouldn't be "get paid to shitpost". You would never attract the right people here. The moment when the price tanks, like now, they disappear. Why? Because there was never any other reason to stay in the first place.

         Why buy STEEM? This post doesn't discuss that at all. It currently serves as a speculative token and those driven by the politics of the platform.

Moral of the story: find those who have a following. When they come here, the rest will follow.


I'll be honest and say that I don't advocate for the network because I am ashamed. Ashamed of the social interactions. Ashamed of the lackluster features. Ashamed of the shady behaviors you wouldn't see out in the open in the real world.

Well said, I begrudgingly agree with this statement. How long do we have to wait?

The potential is there, I'm sure you will agree. It needs apps, and good ones besides SteemMonsters and SteemPeak.

Aside from dapps, entities that could make use of the other features.


Oh man, you spoke from my soul.
I approve this message.

Will this series continue?

I have a tendency to do that.

And yes, there will be at least a part 2.

As I posted this week I see Steem as a good place for musicians and their fans, especial those on the struggling end of the spectrum where they make little from gigs and recordings. Both sides benefit from being on Steem and could create an economy here. Of course there are technical barriers, but Keychain and Steempeak make it easier.

On the other end of the spectrum I see that Neil Young left Facebook over who they support. Just a couple of people of that status would make a difference. Rather than thinking about why that won't happen I think about how it could. An influx of tens of thousands of new users who actually engage and are prepared to spend money to support their idols would transform the balance of power. I think the communities feature could help in this.

I remain an optimist :)

Rather than thinking about why that won't happen I think about how it could

That's the crux of things. How to get people who could benefit from Steem over here, which in turn, benefit everyone who bought into the ecosystem.

Multiple 'influencers' have been brought here. Most bailed quickly. Mebbe you have a point, but there's no point in trying to get them here while this extraction of content creator's rewards remains ongoing. There were very dedicated efforts to deliver rewards to these influencers, but after the initial hook, whales just returned to rewarding themselves, and the influencer's rewards dropped off a cliff, followed shortly by the influencers.

Profiteering keeps Steem from gaining a market.


While you have a point, this post focused on the “missed mark” nature of past promotions. Profiteering, in my opinion, has more to do with prices.

The graphic above was akin to selling movie projectors to movie goers instead of movies and expect them to flock over.

While it sure does affect prices, it's primarily by destroying user retention and causing a market to fail to form it does so IMHO.

I said from the start and to this day, they need to make the Steemit. Com site a beautiful swish and pleasurable thing to use. And then push out a mobile app that works and is aesthetically pleasing. People aren't going to come for the points you rightly call out above. In fact I did giggle about the censorship resistance cos really, who cares? They will come if it's a cool thing to do regardless of magic internet money.

I am still staggered that the main site doesn't display something so simple like VP at the top. It's like they don't have any front end developers.

I understand a lot of the sentiment in the article, and from you here. I have at least some small good news on this front... Screenshot_20191122-065141.png

The interface changes to that are being made to go along with communities are quite solid.
Shoot me a dm when you get the chance~

Oh that would be awesome!! I am all for small good news, it mounts up :0)

I am still staggered that the main site doesn't display something so simple like VP at the top.

It doesn't pay like putting a proposal out there like @steem-plus.

I'm starting to have great friends here especially in the Partiko app and I love everyone here. I have some followers and I want to have more friends and that's what I'm hoping as well, it's great working with you guys. I want to withdraw my earnings here but I don't know how and can you me guys? Or can you give me an instruction on how to withdraw it?

Don't you already use @blocktrades for that?

Hey @enforcer48, here is a little bit of BEER from @isnochys for you. Enjoy it!

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