My Entry for Weekly Battle Challenge - Theme : SERPENT OF THE FLAME

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Hello all monsters lovers,

This is my entry for Share your Battle Weekly Challenge hosted by @splinterlands. Here is the link to post



Here is the status of the card...

Deep in a labyrinth of hot tunnels of stone, beneath the boiling caldera of Molten Mountain, the Serpent of the Flame waits comfortably. He seldom comes to the surface of the Burning Lands, but enjoys being summoned to battle more than anything. All who attack the Serpent get burned.

Battle Details

Rule Set - Super Sneak & Up Close & Personal
Here the screen shot of the cards lineup.
Here is the link to battle.


Total mana cap for the monster selection was 48 mana.
As the battle mana cap was 48 so I can use the high mana cost cards.
I select the fire team.. Why ? - Because of rule set. Rule set allows only Melee monster and Fire splinter is best for same.
My strategy - As the rule set allows only the melee monster so I decide to use the fire team and place the SERPENT OF THE FLAME at front position because if the three reasons -
-It is fast card.
-It has retaliate ability.
-It has Poison ability.
The Magnor was placed in last condition to take the sneak attack (as per rule). Card has good life and and Taunt ability so it will attract all the monsters.

Monster Lineup



SERPENT OF THE FLAME is a good choice for the first position because of the speed, retaliate and poison. At level 3 it has 6 speed (wow), 9 health, one armor and 1 melee attack. The speed helps a lot. In this battle also the opponent try to hit on SERPENT OF THE FLAME but miss many time before do any damage. Poison is awesome, Poison shows effect at every round till the monster is dead. If any monster has been poisoned then it will not survive for much time. If opponent attacks it will retaliate and attack back.
I used the Magnor at last position so that the SERPENT OF THE FLAME can concentrate on opponent's first position card. And once first position card gone you win the 50% of battle.



FINEAS RAGE also has good speed at level 1 itself. Because of the rech ability good card for second position. Combining this card with SOF is like back to back attack as both cards has good speed so more chance are that both card will attack before the opponent able to attack. FINEAS RAGE work's perfectly with SOF. But because of the super sneak it start attacking the monster at last position.



SERPENTINE SPY has opportunity so this card can target the opponent's monster with lesser life. I am not a fan of this card but I use this card because as the rule says all the melee monster will attack the last position card. Card has a good speed and attack.



EXPLODING DWARF at level 5, has 4 melee attack, 5 speed and 1 health along with blast ability. Good card for super sneak rule set but the only fear is if the opponent use the card with thorns ability at last position then the monster died after first attack because of the low life. But fortunately the opponent doesn't used the thorns ability cards so EXPLODING DWARF do a nice job and Blast is always awesome.



GOBLIN MECH is a card with massive melee attack with good life and shied. At level 5 it has 5 melee attack, 3 speed, 6 shield and 8 health with Piercing ability. For high mana battles this cads is very useful. As the rule set was super sneak I used this cards away from the first position so that I can attack on last position card with full strength. Opponent's monster with less life and shield can be finished in one attack by this card.

Fifth - MAGNOR

MAGNOR has massive life so best suitable for the Sneak ability rule set.
At level 1 it has 13 life, 4 melee attack and 3 speed.

Did my Strategy works... Yes the opponent's LIVING LAVA tried very hard to attack on SOF but failes many times. Because of the high speed and Poison this card finish the opponents first position monster.

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Thanks for sharing! - @ashikstd

Nice strategy.
I liked the way you talked about your monsters.
Keep on battling.

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