Rising Star Game: New Cards - March 2021 [🇬🇧EN/ES 🇪🇸]

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Hola a todos

febrero ha pasado volando y sin haber sido capaz de conseguir todas las nuevas cartas del mes pasado ya tenemos aquí las de marzo,


así que me he puesto las pilas y aprovenchando el precio tan barato de los STARBITS he aprovechado para comprar unos cuantos.


Con estos precios merece la pena comprar los "packs" en STARBITS y eso es lo que hice, asi que os voy a enseñar todas las novedades que he conseguido hasta el momento, incluidas las nuevas de febrero también:


Es muy importante, para conseguir una buena posicion en la tabla de clasificación, tener el mayor número de cartas únicas. Comprarlas es lo más fácil si tienes STARBITS pero si no es el caso recuerda que en "Custom Shop" podemos fabricar nuevos instrumentos también.



Hello everyone

February has flown by and without having been able to get all the new cards from last month we already have the ones from March here,


so I have put the batteries and taking advantage of the cheap price of the STARBITS I have taken the opportunity to buy a few.


With these prices it is worth buying the "packs" in STARBITS and that's what I did, so I'm going to show you all the news I've gotten so far, including the new ones from February as well:


It is very important, to get a good position in the leaderboard, to have the highest number of unique cards. Buying them is the easiest if you have STARBITS, but if this is not the case, remember that in "Custom Shop" we can make new instruments as well.






Love love love all your new cards! I am having serious new card FOMO right now! I will live through you!

😂 Good day mimi, the same happened to me yesterday watching the people buying like crazy, so as we have very cheap STARBITS now in hive-engine I burned a nice bunch of HIVEs to buy some 12 card packs 🤑

Good day friend! I have been doing this but stacking for the millionaire!! eye on the prize! Almost 50% there! Literally trading every bit of liquid I have to get there faster!


So I just have to live through you for a few more weeks lol.

Cool, with this balance you should have a good VIBEs airdrop

I think I missed this boat. Only started using music for life tag aspt few days. Always late to the party. But I have my eye on the prize lol

No! 😟

Such is life 🤷🏻‍♀️ we keep rocking 🤟

Very good cards. Congratulations!

Buena compra!
Muchas de las nuevas cartas me dejaron alucinando, estan geniales!
Buenas vibras! 🤓✌️

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Nice cards. The price of starbits have fallen a bit but compared to the huge drops in DEC/SIM, I think it's holding its own better.

As for packs and crafting, it will have to wait till I get that starbit millionaire title. I am slowly making my way towards it.

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Oh yes, this is a good fact 👍 STARBITS Millionaire card is a "must" in RS 😜, and you can take advantage of the low prices to give it a boost 🤑


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