Risingstar lvl40 - let’s record a demo for up to 1637 starbits

in #risingstar29 days ago


It took me a little while, but yesterday I reached lvl 40 in risingstar, which means I can now start on the more lucrative missions in the second region for risingstar.

The record a demo mission is the first one that is more profitable than the the best region one mission as it rewards with 400 - 1637 starbits per mission. That is 0,14 - 0,6 hive per mission.

Since it takes 100% energy, I will likely start only two of them per day. Turning this game into a sort of faucet for me. Which I like a lot. Two clicks a day for about 0,75 hive on average per day is a very good allocation of time if you ask me :)

The plan is now to accumulate 100.000 starbits and then buy 12 cards packs. I will then perhaps start selling some of these cards in order to fund some other investments.

click here if you would like to try this game yourself.

Have fun!


Congratz buddy :D
I am at level 95 and I do Local Mini Tour for 750 - 3166 SB pr mission :D

Oh that’s awesome. That is more than 1 hive per day! Very nice :)

Nice! i just hot this level on Sunday! Feels good to unlock new missions hey! keep on rocking!!

Yes, it is awesome.

Yay! 🤗
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