What happens when...an influencer meets real believers??

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That very moment, when @theycallmedan came up with the brilliant idea of asking the Steem community, "How has Steem impacted your life" ever since you became a member of the Steem family, I found one more reason to love this place even more than a few moments prior to that question.

There is no doubt that what we are all fighting for the last few months through various initiatives is to show the world the benefits one can enjoy if they become members of the Steem network, in the hope that finally, all this progress and development will be reflected on STEEM's price.

Besides, the more we attract new members, the higher the probability of increased demand for the STEEM token, hence for the price to go up, right?

But let's just forget all that for a moment, for a moment only...and let's try to see the bigger picture, shall we?

Forget the prices...the progress...charts...rewards...forget everything.

And focus on the human aspect of this particular initiative.

Each and every one of us has their concerns...their everyday struggles...possibly a ton of problems that one would be able to fully understand if they could walk the world in their shoes, maybe...

I happen to be an expert regarding everyday struggles and problems, trust me. Those of you who interact with me the last 2 years or so know that I am a really hard working person that spends more than 13 hours of the day working at a regular and a part time job to make a decent living.

Thankfully I am debt free, but still...13+ hours of the day to make a living? People shouldn't work that much and even if they do they should be payed accordingly. Unfortunately this isn't the case in this part of the world where I live, but it is what it is.

This is exactly why I can totally relate to some amazing pieces of writing such as this one submitted by @roadstories, or this one submitted by @tarakzp and more recently this one submitted by @ericvancewalton for Dan's initiative.

Want some motivation? Then go ahead and read those posts. I have a feeling that these posts are the best possible free advertisement for the Steem ecosystem since they were all shared on various social media platforms. If you've read those and you aren't moved then you are probably not a human being.

These are all hard working people and they are also hard working Steemians who have found shelter under the Steem umbrella. And I know, I just know that there are dozens like them, each with different skills among us.

I have a feeling that this is what Dan was trying to achieve when he launched this initiative. To highlight individuality and showcase how a crypto project may have a real impact on ones life.

Can anyone name another crypto project where an influencer could achieve exactly that? Anyone?

Can anyone name a similar project that is consisted by such hardcore users, not only because one way or another they are mining some tokens here and there, but because that very project they are involved in actually had an impact in their living?

You need more evidence that Steem can be a life-changer? Why don't you ask all those people from Venezuela? Or Nigeria maybe? Or even Thailand?

Really looking forward to read all those entries and I am super excited that you guys found the time to submit...your testimonies.

I have no doubt that Steem will thrive. All a doubter should do is to take a look around...

I am not in a hurry...are you?

Have a great one peeps.

Full Steem ahead.
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13 hours a day is too much, hopefully things will get better. Thanks mike

I really hope that they will. But even if they don't I am still OK knowing that there are people who starve or don't even have drinking water...

Thanks for stopping by Mike

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Hi mate,
Getting "higher up", hahaha. Good job!

Am working on a post also. Have to get up very early tomorrow so quit writing now. Hope to finish it tomorrow evening. CU.

Hehe. I'll be there for that post of yours.

Grab some rest bud. CU tomorrow

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For another example of STEEM changing lives see @drutter Mission Aqua Possible

Thanks for the heads up and I'll make sure to do everything in my power to reach that goal sooner rather than later. Out of curiosity tough, the collected funds? Are they being sent somewhere or converted to SP and then there will be a power down procedure?

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I am not sure exactly. I believe it is being held in liquid STEEM.. @drutter .. care to shed some light?

I’ve written this post at least twice but I’ll gladly do it again. For all the bad, there was far more good these 2 and a half years. Glad I stuck it out and thanks for bringing this to my attention

Really looking forward to your entry

I knew that there were more people like me, with stories to tell about our lives, something that serves as inspiration. The moment you get to know and adapt to Steemit and its communities, is when you discover that there is something more important than what happens after 7 days in each post, it's something that you shouldn't wait a week or 13 payments, it's the human warmth of the users, the connection you can make with all of them despite the language barrier and our cultures. Since I'm in steemit, I've forgotten about social networks in general because I feel that steemit has everything and it's already become part of my life.

Thank you for the mention, thank you also for continuing to inspire people and for being here despite working 13 hours.

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Every single day a stumble upon another Steemian who shares the same mindset and has similar dreams. Daily activity might be declining yet I wouldn't have found you or your awesome piece of writing if it wasn't about Dan's initiative.

Thank you for the kind words and for being a role model around here.

@mindtrap, I have to say you are one of the people here who really "get" this platform. Those who are focused on the price of the currency are missing the boat. It really is the human element that makes Steem(it) so attractive.

If we can lure more users with this same mindset (instead of focusing merely on celebrities or those with large followings on other platforms) here it will only be a matter of time before the price of Steem increases and/or the platform is acquired by a larger company. Most celebrities or influencers who've made a name for themselves already outside of Steemit won't have the same loyalty as those who are here for the right reasons.

I'm sorry to hear you have to work so many hours. Hopefully this will be the year we see explosive growth in crypto in general. Thanks for this post!

No no, thank you for being around bud. You are an inspiration for many people around here.

I appreciate that @mindtrap and your friendship and support. We're all very lucky to have found this place. I hope this is a great year for us all!

This initiative was one of the brightest and with the most consistent number of entries I have ever seen and I was pleased to participate.

In my opinion, these are the kinds of attitudes that tend to make the entire ecosystem be valued the way it should be from the start.

Congrats to @mindtrap, @theycallmedan for this idea and for all users who have been participating since its launch.

Thanks mate. I enjoyed that post of your from the very beginning. It feels good to see people who share the same mindset and have common goals being persistent regardless the price of the token.

Thanks, @mindtrap. I'm glad to read that.

User posts (overall) are being very inspiring and it's great to be able to read so many interesting stories that were written because of a seemingly simple but amazing idea.

I was touched you mentioned Nigeria and Venezuela.
I'm a Nigerian and I can't even quantify what this platform means to me. I made an effort to simplify it with my entry but damn, I'm fucking happy I joined Steem.

Ha! I am lurking ya know...I've seen the effort you put into your writings and the way you are trying to promote Steem to the world. Keep pushing bud

Thanks bud, I appreciate the compliment, I'm just doing my bit. More grease to your elbow.

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