Half dolphin...half orca. 25K SP achieved and thoughts on why it is important to share your contributions on other social media applications.

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I had been "saving" liquid STEEM for some time now just in case there was a sudden action in the price of STEEM, so that I can sell it high and buy back in while it is consolidating, but since there are no indications that this is about to happen any time soon the desire to reach 25K SP proved to be stronger than the possibility to earn few more tokens by trading them.

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So I armed my hand, powered up 815 more STEEM just because I like rounded numbers and to add a bit of a drama and BANG. Half way through to "orca" status...Also kept some liquid to honor @streetstyle and his initiative also known as SPUD.

2019-12-28 21_47_45-Steemit Wallet.png

And why the hell should we care @mindtrap...?

Although 815 STEEM might be an insignificant amount for big accounts, it is almost a 4% growth for my account, hence 4% more STEEM rewards for every post I vote on.

More for me but most importantly more for you...

There is also one more reason that I wanted to make this post in the first place. It has nothing to do with showing off or brag about my "achievement" whatsoever.

For some time now there is a massive community effort to drag into Steem as many social media users as we possibly can.

To spread the word about this hidden gem and show to millions of people on the web that joining the Steem network can be both profitable and fun, through the #posh...procedure.

I didn't reach 25K by self-voting. It was you, all of you who have helped me grow. Thank you!

Of course not all of my stake has been organically built but almost 65% of it has. I've done my part and purchased STEEM using FIAT or other crypto from time to time but it's nothing compared to the growth and the support I've found from all of you.

And this is what I like most about Steem. That in order for one to organically grow their account, it's the community that they will push them forward.

There is always the path of investing of course but not everyone can afford it. So producing valuable and interesting stuff to the rest of the community members might be the hard and often stressful way but it also fun...and creative.

And this is something that people who are unaware of what Steem is...have to see.

The fact that people here can grow their accounts. That they can earn STEEM tokens and be benefited from what the Steem network has to offer.

So whenever you reach a personal goal, don't hesitate to celebrate it.

Share it everywhere and let them know what the are missing....

STEEM won't always be cruising at the 0.10$ - 0.15$ range ya know. So treat it with respect...

Have a great one people!

PS. Distribution you said? Drop your comments and let's drain some VP, shall we?
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Congrats man!
25k is a nice number :)

Thanks bud. It is a nice number indeed :)

Cool. I am less than 2000 away from dolphin and will be there by March if STEEM stays under 0.25USD. Becoming a dolphin was part of the reason I decided to have a fiat paying job.

I was also saving some liquid steem for when the price went up, but decided to buy some spinvest tokens instead, since they were supposed to be an automatic 4% raise in price.

I think it was a good buy, hopefully I am right.

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Oh you'll be there in no time, I bet you will.

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Congrats amd have a great weekend man.

Thank you buddy. Have a great weekend too!

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Awesome moves @mindtrap and thank you for the shout out, mentioning and supporting #spud This should help bring out #spud9 with a Bang into 2020......

Full Steem Ahead!

Thanks mate. I wanna see the upcoming SPUD make so much noise

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Congratulations @mindtrap!
Orca is my goal also, hopefully in 2020!

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Thank you my friend. Hopefully we'll both get there in 2020!

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Great job man!!! This year I reached 6k... and I'm only a mannequin-blogger, hahahaaaaa.
Big Plastic Hug
Steemitri The Mannequin

Hehe. Thanks my friend!

Congratulations, I powered up to 25K Steem a month ago, it's a nice place to be! Loads of people around here are moving up to 20/30/40 thousand Steem and more, it's great to see!

I think the move towards more rewards for curation was sound as most people aren't bloggers, that had to happen to get people on board!

It is definitely a nice place to be! Although my initial goal was to reach orca status by the end of 2019 - too ambitious I know-

For some mysterious reason I feel more excited than ever before...even though according to the price of STEEM I should have probably jumped of the roof or something long ago :P

But since I m here for the long haul...price doesn't really matter at this point, probably... :)

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Good stuff :)

I've been throwing more on the SP pile of late and some of that was stored in case of a pump. Right now though I can wait and the extra SP should make building for the future easier, cheers :)

That. Speaking my mind actually.

Averaging around 10 SP a day from CR is pretty insane - all we have to do is wait for some wider market movement and this 2 year graft will be worth it and then some :)

I've seen all the amazing things SP can do. I've been there just to get a taste. Rented almost 45K the last couple of months and there were days I was averaging 38-45SP. Insane...

Anyone who have doubts I urge them to rent some regardless if they'll break even or not. That will be the motive they need to build their accounts

Congrats. I've been pushing to Dolphin status and was hoping to reach by the end of the year, but getting a little busy and not being able to post everyday I'll probably just miss it, but should reach it pretty quickly at the beginning of the year.

What a geat way of looking at that extra 4% as a way to not only earn 4% more for yourself, but to be able to reward an extra 4%.

Engagement to me is what makes the Steemit world go around and is what will eventually help all minnows grow to dolphins and beyond.

What a great comment!

I am sure you'll reach your goal, until the next one...Real life gets in the way sometimes so, don't worry for missing a few days of posting. Steem is a marathon after all...not a sprint

I care. I love seeing the accounts i follow powering up and growing every day. I try to do the same myself and posting about it keeps you on track and motivated. I think all of the people here now are doing quite well and will enjoy the benefits in the next couple of years when STEEM has filled out a lot more.

Roll on Orca and hopefully I will join you there at some stage.

Roll on Orca and hopefully I will join you there at some stage.

Or you could get there first and I join you ;)

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That was the plan really but didn't want to sound cocky. Need to catch up to you first. :D

A great achievement and so nice to see you pushing out positive vibrations about the, @mindtrap. Wishing you a happy and prosperous 2020!

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Can i talk with you in discord or other social media?

Sure, hit me in discord mindtrap#9035

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for @mindtrap

Hey @mindtrap, here is a little bit of BEER from @eii for you. Enjoy it!