New Steem Jack Nicholson meme to honor my new friends over on @steemnetwork telegram

in #palnetlast year


made with @ezgif who I want to come to steem engine to have an ezgif steem tribe for their users to post memes they make to...

@suspiciousllamaltd @meesterboom @pewpewdoggo @justineontheblock I apologize for my outburst and would like to thank you for explaining the mechanics of teh downvotes on bidbot posts, and how i can use promoted feature, which i will do, and im sorry for coming at you all like this,a nd still hope to work with steem as much as possible even through these valleys of price, and i have full confidence the price will eventually go back up, and im going to not let it get to me as much, and ill try to work with your new rules and I thank you.

Also @jongolson was there :) So go to @clicktrackprofit and