Blogging challenge part 1 no2; 20 facts about me

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  • Real name - Olakunle Joseph Abiodun.
  • From Ekiti State, Ijero Local government Area.
  • am masculine in gender
  • I have a nice and interesting voice
  • Based in Lagos Nigeria in Ikorodu Local government.
  • Single.
  • Graduated in Kawara State Politechnic ilorin.
  • Studied, Science Laboratory Technology in National Diploma, And Micro Biology in Higher National Diploma.
  • Started business in Lagos March 05 2019.
  • I love giving a motivational advice to people.
  • .I believe in Ability not Capacity
  • I chose Beans as my favourite food.
  • I love Future music's an American rapper while Yinka Ayefele as my gospel favourite musician.
  • I love white and ash colours.
  • I love traveling (Tourism).
  • I let go of human mistake in 2 seconds.
  • I dont harbor resentment
  • I love watching vampire movies
  • I love corporate dress
  • Am a newbie on this platform and still try to get a hold of how things work