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What is Newdex? is a DECENTRLIZED exchange one that does NOT HAVE ANY deposits or withdraws! You trade with what is on your Scatter, Lynx or whatever wallet you use. Newdex doesn't keep your money like Binance Bittrex Poloniex etc, newdex doesn't need to. Newdex so far trades in EOS tokens and has a TRX tron market for USDT Tether but primarily newdex is all about EOS. Although there is a github issue request open for adding steem to scatter to then allow steem pairs to be listed on newdex, we will primarily be discussing newdex as an EOSIO exchange for EOS Telos BOS and other EOSIO forks/sidechains.

So here is how Newdex looks. It has a vote staking pool that can also allow you to earn an extra few percent a year APR on top of your REX earnings. Promotions can be seen along this introduction page, and trading is all done via a third party wallet that you have to authorize.

So when you click "log in" on youll be met with this screen:

And you have a few options. I recommend scatter but if you are on mobile you may want to use Lynx and this wallet even comes with an account creation tool that lets you pay with debit card/ Google Play while Scatter account creation takes EOS which doesn't help if you need an EOS account. You can also use TokenPocket which has great reviews as well but for desktop just try SCatter, and import your EOS private active key into Scatter to start using it. if you use Metamask for Ethereum or Keychain on Steem-Engine you will be familiar with how it works. You will be asked to verify every trade you make on and although you can white-list and set it to stop asking you every time, this is one of the best safety protocols and features any exchange could have.

Scatter even has a built in exchange for trading your EOS to BTC ETH USDT and so on. I recommend using to get your BTC into USD for a very low fee, and cash app works at any ATM. So with these tools you can use newdex and start trading EOSIO tokens, 5 of which are also on Steem-Engine ANX PSO PEOS CHL and SAND. Arbitrage opportunities already exist between and and we hope to build bots and automated updates for telling the steem community when profitable arbitrage opportunities are available in an effort to boost Steem-Engine trading volume.

Remember that newdex keeps clear of user's private keys - as newdex stats in this new message to all users.
Newdex requires YOU to authorize your third party wallet (like scatter) to make a transaction. Newdex does not deal in depositing or withdrawing user funds and it makes its money from exchange fees which can be lowered by buying and staking (or burning) enough NDX as you can see in this chart:

As you can see this example account is staking over 11 thousand NDX and is at VIP Level 1 enjoying 5% off trading fees and has already saved 0.007 EOS on these fees.


So stake at least 10,000 NDX and get to VIP1 level or 5% off your trading fees. (or burn 100 NDX for a temporary VIP1 membership)

Stake 30,000 NDX and get 10% off. Stake at least 100 thousand NDX to start qualifying for a cut of the Candy Airdrops, a buffet of participating exchange listed partner tokens being ever so kindly distributed for your bag holding pleasures.

Official telegram

Start trading Today

Use Lynx for Mobile

Scatter for Desktop

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Thank you @likwid for running a beautiful system and for standing up for bid bot owners in a comment on acidyo's blog justifying this anti business discrimination on minnows lol. ferrengi Quark from deepspace 9 would be angry

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@threespeak can i get a white list to use @buildawhale doesnt @themarkymark run that and isnt he a part of threespeak? this is strange. Do you want me to put 100% rewards to @steemdao if I use any bid bot then? I guess I can... Id like some clear rules here to avoid downvotes as i dont think I deserve them for bringing something to steem for SMTs which we need. Its arrogant to think steem doesnt need newdex when EOS uses it. We will need a dex for SMTs ...

Well i tried to make this post as neutral and professional as possible I guess from now on ill have to make sure you know I am a community member

or maybe you just thought this was some new exchange spamming steem?

Well I need to explain how important this exchange is for stem and how we plan on listing steem engine tokens, one already planned, my token. And Ive found a way for steem engine tokens to gain real credibility ona REAL DEX since steem engine where tokens like STEM exist, require steem engine to trade.... newdex is a dex that is more like bitshares no need for withdraws or deposits of steem to steemp... but were fixing that as well. I plan on getting steemp into eos and listing it on newdex backing steemp with eos ... once i get steem on scatter which already has EOS TRX btc and eth, steem can be next, its all open source, just need to add a few steem libraries and other "infrastructure" to scatter and viola we have an alternative to Keychain which yabapmatt is too busy to develop for anymore. I plan on then being able to bring steem trading pairs to newdex. Until then im listing my EOS SAND token and helping steemleo neoxag with ideas on their own probable listing for eos-ex a steem engine product you can use to get a an eos token, you can use it for steem stem, and get liste don newdex free, since you have a working dapp with your nitrous site and an active community, just pay like 20 eos worth fo ram for an airdrop using just check the SAND tag its all there very easy to do an airdrop on EOS now, anyway, all popular steem engine tokens can be on newdex with a little work and then we can bring a new wave of success to steem engine tokens and build new mobile browsers with both steem engine and eos wallets. Telos can also get involved, as well as PEOS for private transactions using ring signatures @peos for more info.

I hope that clarifies things