Telos Steem Scratchers Mockup, for NON gambling FREE daily scratchers for prizes &bonus tokens paid out even if you don't win. Video ads or Animations will play before the scratcher appears, paying for the business model proven by Lucktastic App

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Here is a mockup for Telos Steem EOSIO scratchers that were NON gambling and which are given to dapp users who login and are then provided with a scratcher card which is very addicting to use on your phone especially when even if you do not win, you still win bonus tokens. We can give YNT, SAND, SQRL RICH tokens or many other cheap steem engine tokens which can be given out as EXTRA bonus points. This way users can save up maybe 100 or 1000 bonus scratcher tokens from losing scratchers and save up enough to buy either NEW scratchers, or raffle tickets, and users will always be given new tokens, we will have limits per user so no one will be able to buy the tokens up and loose money to gambling addictions. We will only take time and play ads and videos before the scratchers. We wont offer the ability to buy up tokens in any store but we will offer the ability to sell these tokens on steem engine exchange so only determined experienced users will be able to buy more of the tokens. We will buy them back using ad revenue allowing recipients to sell them for crypto prizes. This way we dont have to worry about cashing them out for physical prizes, the promise of a piece of a Bitcoin, or better yet cheaper tokens, will be more than enough.


This app has proven this business model. @ctptalk has something CLOSE to what I want.... @lucksacks also had a system close to what I want by allowing free play for users, paying for the pot with steem post rewards or in my case, advertisers.

I will allow users who play our scratchers and watch our ads to use their bonus points to enter raffles OR cash out for cold hard cryptocurrency with Steem, telos and BTC being potential options. We will always give the chance to win larger and larger amounts as we build the tribe. Lucktastic Tribe is the perfect tribe ...

I plan on bringing Ads to San Diego Coin nitrous front end now that Ive helped enable them om @weedcash and Im able to monitor the profits. I already see Weedcash going up on newdex potentially from all the buying back of tokens on steem engine. Now I imagine a Lucktastic style tribe for @myfreecrypto where users can get paid in free crypto and get a free scratcher and raffle tickets everyday. Prizes will start at small amounts of crypto no one has heard of but eventually Ill add BCH and LTC prize then BTC yes BTCP tokens will be used to pay people out , or we can wait for people to get like $5 worth of BTC then cash them out all at once and pay the tx fee. I plan on really making cryptoi fun for new users, and giving people the chance to watch ads to then do lucktastic style scratchers to THEN get tokens and cash them out for Crypto they recognize, framed as a nice glowing prize, yes we will package the prizes REALLY nicely and make it very very easy to cash out without even signing up, just a steem wallet will be all thats needed to start doing virtual on screen scratchers, and to start saving up those bonus tokens.

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