#MyHIVEGoals - A Great Week & Fantastic Hive Power Up Day!

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Updated! MyHIVEGoals For 2020.png

Did you get your account powered up today?

I try to power up almost daily here on Hive, but on the first of the month, the blockchain comes together for their monthly 'Power Up Day'.

This month was extra special though because @HiveBuzz jumped on board and if you powered up your account with 100 Hive Power or more...You got this:


What can I say....

I'm a sucker for badges :)

On top of that, I got sent the Hive Torch today as well....Thanks to @maddogmike

(Read all about it here!)

I got the 70 Hive plus 1 and sent it over to @nathanmars

Awesome to see the 'Torch back n the blockchain....

O.K. let's dive into this week and see how I did....

100,000 Hive Power


Oh I love Hive Power...It's the gift that keeps on giving!

I hit 67,517.980 Hive Power this week which means only 32,482.11 left to go...

Only lol

I'm attacking this in chunks and my next goal is to get under 30k left to go..I should hit that in the next few weeks. So I'm VERY excited about the road ahead.

25 Rewards Per Post

I had a great week of creating!

Finally back into my routine and had a fantastic week on the blockchain...

Moved up to on my rewards per post.

Up to 19.342 rewards per post so still over 5 left to go, but improving this week is a great sign.

Back on the horse!!!

10 Dolphins In The CTP Swarm

These folks continue to shine each and every week!

We had the epic $260 CTP Token giveaway take place today from @elianaicgomes

The I Am Alive community is growing by leaps and bounds - @flaxz

Pixie Dust is being found everywhere - @PixiePost

Engagement is front and center thanks to @russellstockley

The Hive Swag store is alive and kicking via @bradleyarrow

And of course @ph1102 is trying to get us all addicted to the latest blockchain game!

And I'm just scratching the surface....

These folks and everyone involved in the CTP Community are absolute gems! Do yourself a big solid, get to know them and interact with them...You won't regret it!

Wow, what a week!

And oh yeah.... @clicktrackprofit celebrated it's 1 year anniversary since @blainjones and I relaunched the platform.

Such an exciting time to be involved with Hive and the amazing communities here...

Let's have a great week!!!


Love this! Thank you so much for the mention. :)

It has been such a fantastic time on the blockchain &, as I always say, we are just beginning. Both on Hive & CTPtalk, we are taking it in leaps & bounds with all the content creation, challenges & HP growing. I am truly more excited now than I ever had been.

I was able to get the Hive PUD badge as well. It was awesome @hivebuzz could be a part of it. :) I am already looking forward to the next PUD in September. Also, Dolphin status is becoming more & more of a reality as I climb towards that goal.

I am so glad you're finally able to have a routine again. I know it was a crazy time for you with the move, but now you are united with your family & have a beautiful place to live. Combine that with the magic of Hive, life is pretty awesome! ;)

Thanks so much for all you do, Jon (& Blain). Be on the lookout for my Hive Updates later. ;)

I have no doubt in my mind, Dolphin status is in your very near future.

Keep crushing it Jenn!!!

Thanks Jon. I appreciate your support. 🧚‍♂️

I have NO doubt you will hit the 100K mark as well. We both got this & so glad we are in the journey together. 💜

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Can't wait to see you becoming a dolphin @pixiepost

Aww thanks! I am excited too! Getting there bit by bit! 😄💚

Congrats for your badge. love to see you getting past 100K soon.

Here's hoping...Even if I don't hit it at the end of the year, I'll be closer than I am today :)

You were always a whale (hivepower wise) in my eyes, Jongo.

LOL Thanks Kevin Li!

Stay safe down there...Heard they are locking you guys down!

THEY CAN'T STOP ME!!! Actually they did..

Great progress on your goals Jon, and yeah the swarm is just taking off too, fantastic to see it all, keep up the good work.

Thanks man, yeah I'm excited for the next few months. Should see some amazing things take place!

Congratulation on earning the badge, looks cool, need to push Hive @ 1 $ before the massive bull run, hopefully at the end of the year or so.

Yeah I'm o.k. with cheap HIVE, let's be accumulate more LOL End of the year would be perfect :)

hahahaha... Thanks for the mention... or not... Don't know if my "influence" has a positive or negative effect... lol...

100K until the end of the year doesn't sound so impossible... ;)

Working on it for sure...Need to average more than 1k a week...That's a challenge LOL

100 K HP seems to be quite a challenging target but I believe that its definitively achievable.

I'm up for it!

Nothing better than making myself a bit uncomfortable!

Happy Anniversary @clicktrackprofit

Thank you for participating in HPUD and putting more skin in the game Jon.

Let's keep BUIDLing our HIVE

Absolutely man, can't stop, won't stop :)

Thank you for all you do!

Thanks for the mention my friend 🙂 I am in with some fantastic company 😄

Keep crushing it man! Build every single day!

I am trying ;)

Great post, Jon. Now that I know about the 1st of the month gig, I am aiming to be loaded up for September 1st! :D

Nice nice!

Yeah watch out, once you get the 'bite' you will be hooked LOL

I think I might be already...

lol it's worth it

Cool to see you have graphs and all. It all comes together one step at a time, or as you say +1 every day.

Yup for sure....Little by little!

I'll never be able to hit 100k overnight, but small growth, every week...Keeps me on track!

Congrats for the badge and that upward curve looks really nice. Until 100K😇

Thanks very much!

Yeah loving the journey, this past week was great!

With all those posts and videos, the next week will be great for sure.