New milestone reached - 500 CTP staked

in #myhivegoals3 months ago


I’m making really good progress on my goal to get 10k ctp by the end of the year. I’m already at 5%.

This post will be boosted with ESTM again. It’s really not that hard to get these points. Really good value if you simply engage.

I’ve also decided to sell 1500 of the 3500 hustler tokens, along with selling 50% of the pal and neoxian I get. This means I will still have some hustler tokens and I will still grow my pal and neoxian holdings. But for now ctp and hive are my focus. The rest is bonus.

I won’t be selling them for whatever price I can get though. I will try to get a price that is higher than the highest bid on the market by putting a sell order that matches the lowest sell order.

I’m also curious to know from those if you that have a good number of CTP miners, how much revenue they give? Do you have any idea how many ctp tokens you get per miner per day?

I do remember reading an article a while back about miners and how to calculate results. I’ll try to look that up, but in the meantime I’d like to hear about your experiences with ctp miners.

Thanks for reading, cheers!


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To support your work, I also upvoted your post!

You'll get there sooner than you think! Just keep adding content, curating and upvoting posts!

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Thank you sir! I think that I will indeed. My posts seem to be picking up momentum.

Nice progress there! I'm more into the CTP curation as a method for accumulating my CTP tokens... I do have miners, but not so much... The majority of my earning is coming from curation and author rewards...

If you find that post about how to calculate results of miners, let me know... :)

That has been my method as well. On my main account I have 10 miners, but they don’t seem to get me that many results. So I hope that folks with more miners can tell me something about their experience.

I have 221 CTP miners and get around 5-8 CTP tokens daily... Sometimes less, rarely more... ;)

And if I can find that post again, then I will certainly make a post about it.

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Congrats on hitting this milestone, it just keeps getting faster the more you accumulate. As for minors I have 305 and I make 12 to 15 tokens a day on average.