Domain For Sale with Discord Account with 3 Tip Bots and Business Model: $500 or best offer for ALL reasonable offers considered, comes with consulting and tech support package.

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I am selling a domain I feel is a very powerful one that could be used for a great business ran by someone less busy than me! I feel this is the best way to delegate this project out and before i try selling it on SEDO for $1000 or another crypto domain site, i will post it here for anyone who sees it and is willing to pay $500 USD worth of crypto or best offer. If you have a 1and1 account i will even transfer over a managed wordpress or help you set one up, I will actually have that set up for you before I sell the site. It will have a very nice template and a business plan

$500 USD in Steem or best offer, all reasonable offers will be considered. you will also get the discord.

Comes with consulting and tech support package for helping you keep the site up, and i can even host it for a year for you and then youll just need a $1 a month managed wordpress from


Not a bad deal, wish I had the time... could be useful just holding on to the domain for a couple more years— that domain name may become priceless 🧐

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yah maybe if you help me with it or sell it we can split the commision of whatever you can help me make 9Once its polished into a project we take pride in) and sell maybe u can helpme polish upa package a business package of roadmaps and white papaers discord channel already up with tiop bot, just neds someone to adopt it like for theri first busines plan.... so many people look for turnkey business opportunities this one is super legit and CLEAn open source decentralzid no nasty scams attached etc Justa SIMPLE domain for AIRDROPS of allll the many steem engien tokens, just 10% of which could feed the habist fo someone needing to airdrop tokens everyday for months maybe years with how many steem engine tokens there are. u can do a lil expose on each one every wek whenu airdrop some to ur members :D just show some ads maybe survey offers or whatever in between teh airdrops :D