Campus Is Gone || Those Times When Memories Get Vanished

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When you spend your most of the time at specific place for long Time or Duration in a way we develop deep connection towards that place on the Emotional Level. But here is the thing, some places get destroyed due to Greed.

One aspect stays close to our heart and that is, place where we feel the essence of Warm Comfort, but some people loses that place just because some people wants to dominate it and they are trying to build their own Empire.

We never know when that Dark Day will arrive which hold all the Dark Powers and which can take away our Blessings. Ask those people who lost their homes, not in a natural ways, it's all because of Human Greed and when people want more and more some forget about the line which they shouldn't be crossed.

This world is filled with Evil 😈 more than good. And most of the times Evil 😈 comes with the Face Of Goodness and slowly changes the face and Transforms into it's real face in the form of Turning the situation and bringing sorrow into lives.


With Power so much good can be done but Human Beings are unpredictable beings and whoever holds the powerful position most of them misuses it and try to dominate others and disturb their Space Of Life. Real face of Life is Scary.

Power turned many good people into evil one and Power Battles always continues and it continues real bad way. When Power Battles become dirty then it destroys lives of people. Human Beings are both Kindred and at the same time Ruthless Beings.

From years few are making this whole world a fool and by that i mean. We think that we are Free Beings, but in my opinion we are not free, a bit free. We all have our own Script and if we don't follow that Script then in a way it looks like whole world is standing against us.

In this context Campus means any place where we spent those times which became memories. But there will be a time when we think Time as our Enemy because it ruined our Memories and took back what we valued the most.


What Is System? We give so much respect to the System but in my opinion there are so many Corrupted Systems which betray their Public and they just work for their Personal Agendas. When people who are in System works for their Personal Agendas then things turns dirty most of the times.

People hold lot of Faith towards the System but today or tomorrow Truth comes out and breaks that Truth. Once Trust and Faith is broken we see more Rebels. In my opinion we hear and observe about one thing and that is, Unfulfilled promises by Governments.

Many of us are feeling the pain of Separation and this separation is related to the aspects which were there before but not now just because someone wanted that it shouldn't be there anymore. So in a way this means some can do what they want any way no matter if it's hurting somebody or ruining the lives of others.

Everybody have a right to live a happy life and no one has the right to destroy anyone's life Physically and Mentally and any way. Life is to Build and Grow, not to vanish someone's memories. Let's respect world's of others and let's build World Of Togetherness.

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"This is my original work."

Stay Blessed.

Spread love and spread kindness.

Thanks and regards, Chiranjeevi Sarikonda


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Thanks very much @chireerocks.... Very interesting poem. Yeah!, I love some mentions here: "The World is sometimes evil," I also prefer "wicked" also mean the same as "evil." But, sometimes the diction of the poem also count. Maybe it will not fix well when certain words are used. Thanks once again for your hardwork in steem

Welcome and thank you so much.

This world is filled with Evil 😈 more than good. And most of the times Evil 😈 comes with the Face Of Goodness and slowly changes the face and Transforms into it's real face in the form of Turning the situation and bringing sorrow into lives.

I agree with this. I do not deny that there is goodness and that there are also good people in this world, but I certainly feel that they are not the majority or at least they are not as visible as we would like, it is not that other people are total evil, but we are certainly a bit neutral, which facilitates actions to really evil people.

That's true and stay blessed brother.

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