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Hey JessMarketers

Since you're on a site that pays you to use it, you're most likely interested in making money online. The best way is still to market something, either your service or products you can create, no two ways about it. I sell my consulting services online, and I do the same thing for tons of businesses both locally and internationally, I'm always looking for new ways to get cheaper traffic that converts and trying to balance all of it to get the best mix.

If you're trying to get marketing tips from random strangers on YouTube without having a background in marketing I'll say it's very hard, you can't decipher the bullshit between actionable tips and to be honest, most of them just blab on longer than they need to, and it's annoying.

Remember everyone on the internet has an agenda, and these marketers are trying to sell you that you can do it so when you fail, you pay them for help.

In the interest of helping people understand where to put their efforts, I'm going to give you a rundown of channels I use and the truth behind them.


Organic Search Engines - Google, Bing, Yahoo etc

Slow, painful and a lot of hard work but worth it in time. I've spent the last four years building my site to 1200 articles, 5000 backlinks from over 1000 domains and the domain authority of 38 according to MOZ. SEO is by far my most substantial traffic and lead gen channel, but it took me hours of work to do it.

Still combine this with paid search, and you'll have a demon on your hands.

Paid Search - Google & Bing Network

In terms of instant results, you don't get better than throwing money at Google and Bing. Google will bring you the most targetted traffic out there; Bing will do the same across its partners too like Yahoo and DuckDuckGo so its with throwing a few bucks being especially if you're in the UK and US and you have an older market you're targeting. India and Canada are also great markets for Bing traffic.

If you want to start somewhere, start here and put on conversions and remarketing tracking to improve your campaigns over time.


If you're not segmenting and sending 1-1 communication and drip campaigns when you're small, you're probably not going tog et big enough to do email blasts, still a very potent channel but it needs to be done with care and a strategy.

Web Push notifications

Worth collecting I would say to supplement your email strategy, but response rates are pretty poor unless you're pushing an offer.


Oversaturated and you're at the mercy of the algorithm, you'll have to create tonnes of content before you get traction on here and it's better to pay for views with an ad post and then get users to your channel and convert them into subs.

Once you get a good churn going, you can then push your subs to your site and into direct marketing channels. YouTube takes time and is expensive and is not great for regional content if you're product is SAAS based or online-based yes its a great channel.


Facebook organic traffic is dead if you're getting 1% - 4% of your audience to see your posts you're lucky. Boosting your posts is also a complete waste of money unless you're into branding or have some sort of special pull like a competition, its a complete waste of time to boost to your audience.

Facebook organic is reserved for news sources and not for you or for brands, if you're not an approved journalistic source, you're fucked for organic reach.

Facebook does still allow video and live streams to get some decent exposure, so if you're into that, it could be a good way to reach people. If you're still on the organic buzz, I'd say Facebook Groups and the marketplace is your best bet to extract traffic as well as searching for content and then commenting and reaching out 1 on 1 to people.


Unless you're creating video content this platform is dead, if you're just going to do posts, hit up engagement pods and groups, that's the best way to improve your reach. Buying ads on Linkedin is ridiculously expensive, I wouldn't recommend it unless you have serious cash to burn.


Has gone the way of the Facebook dodo, organic is dead if you get over 10% of your audience to see your content you are doing great trust me. Instagram wants you to pay for views, and that's just what people are doing, using the native advertising.

Do not use 3rd party services like buying followers, likes and engagement its total trash and waste to build your profile. Building your profile organically requires a lot of work, you need to post content and stories all the time and engage in comments and posts to try and move your way up the feeds and get to the explore page.

If you're not up for the work, you can either outsource it or get into engagement pods on telegram and discord, and they'll help you. Even then, these followers you get are mostly vanity followers.

The best way to get them is still to advertise via Instagram. If you'd do video and IGTV, you might also get a bump up in feeds.


Shit reach and shit ads, not worth anyone's time! Unless you're using the pixel to target and profile users for ads, Twitter is a waste of time, too much noise and content; people get the info right in the feeds, so they never click out and hardly follow profiles.

Twitter is only for drama, so if that's your niche, it might work for you.


The organic reach on this platform is insane if you et in and start pinning regularly like 20 - 30 pins a day and double down on your best content and keep creating boards and content this platform will reward you with all sorts of traffic that you can convert later on. Targetting is still bad, mostly US Traffic so if your product can service US customers, by all means, have a go. It does take a while, maybe 30 - 90 days but well worth the effort for sure.

Ads are not available in all regions of the world, but they work just as well as getting a viral pin, you can secure pretty cheap traffic with Pinterest.

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You are welcome. :)

Thanks for sharing your thoughts!

I like the review: shit, shit, dead, shit, waste of time, waste of money, shit, dead... lol...

But, in general, I DO agree with you... Earlier there were cheaters who would sell you fake traffic, fake followers, etc... Now, the big companies took that part of the job and selling you fake view/subs...


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The more you dig into it the more you see how fake it is, I like the term value investing, it should be the same with marketing, a lot of digital marketing is vanity metrics and its hard to review the quality and context of the data especially for non-marketers so many are often fooled

Thanks for the great overview of several advertising platforms. I would suggest you look more into the Blockchain options like Discord, Lbry and 3speak. Get paid to add your content.

Your post has been included in today's "I Am Engaged" challenge which I will post in a few minutes. Watch for it @slackerman

Oh I agree the dark social media like Discord and Telegram are wildly untapped and can work so well I wish it would expand outside blockchain too and more people used the direct communication channels over centralised social media

Nice breakdown of the platforms. Getting the traffic is certainly tough but I always had better luck with pushing traffic through YouTube for certain types of content

YouTube is a different beast since combines social media, algorithmic curation and searches into one so you can reach your own audience, YOUTube then tests it with their algo for more reach and if your content is evergreen search will keep pushing your content

Problem is most people don't optimise video descriptions or profiles to turn YouTube into the referral traffic source it can be and they lose a lot of their audience in the YouTube ecosystem

I saw that some say it is good to use Twitter to promote your posts on Hive, what do you think about that? I have no Twitter yet that is why I ask you

I think it's fine to try and promote via Twitter it all depends on your goals if you wanted traffic to your posts, I'd say Pinterest would be top, then Facebook and then Twitter

This post is more in terms of marketing your business or services though

Oh good, I see. Thanks😊

i gave up on linkedin, i never had a good page, and it's just another line of centralized services (facebook, amazon, etc) we are "supposed to have', so i canceled it and said fuck 'em

i don't use google but i'm quite dependent on youtube for info, although more so twitter these days

i don't use whats app but i know my wife and many people around the world are dependent on that, i believe facebook owns that ... that will be a difficult quest for the future, to get people off that into decentralized space

I still used LinkedIn because I get a few leads from it I still get a decent organic reach from it but most people on their are bullshitters and it’s filled with engagement pod hacking

As for WhatsApp yes Facebook own it and the our country here is heavily dependent on it because our data and cellular costs are so high

I still use YOuTube a fair bit not so much Twitter but medium yes

I need to start to work on backlinks, can you share your best resources where to start and do it the right way?

Guest posting on relevant sites are still the best way to get backlinks, link insert pitches are even harder but here are a few techniques I've written about that you can use. I've build over 5000 backlinks from over 1000 domains to just my site

Thank you so much for this information, I saved this information and going to read later on.

Glad you found it helpful, if you have any questions on a technique or channel I'm happy to help

I know you are an expert in this field. ;)

And PBN is dead?

I don't think so, I still use them regularly for link domain diversification