Day 1041 | Football Watching Weekend

in #life2 months ago

I started a challenge of taking 100 days off to mainly focus on my health and overall personal development and used this account as a personal blog to keep track of all my activity. I enjoyed it and continued afterward trying to build better habits and find a good balance between health, fitness, work and my personal life....

At some time this will slow down but right now I'm still locked behind my pc an tv watching and betting the belgian league all weekend long. That was pretty much my saturday once again handicapping and watching 3 full matches overall doing slightly better than break even on the betting action.

Sunday will be the last day of February and I do plan to switch up my daily activities a bit in March

DayBed TimeAwakeOut BedDay Score
01 Feb00:3009:3010:357
02 Feb00:3009:2010:206
03 Feb00:0011:0011:456
04 Feb00:0008:2009:306
05 Feb00:0008:1509:307
06 Feb00:0008:3010:007
07 Feb01:3008:0009:206
08 Feb00:0007:0008:306
09 Feb00:0009:2010:506
10 Feb00:3008:2009:406
11 Feb00:0008:3009:306
12 Feb00:0009:0010:007
13 Feb00:0008:2009:206
14 Feb00:0009:2010:406
15 Feb00:3008:3009:206
16 Feb00:3009:2010:207
17 Feb00:0008:0009:305
18 Feb00:0008:0010:155
19 Feb00:3008:2010:007
20 Feb00:0007:5009:105
21 Feb00:0008:4010:006
22 Feb23:3010:2010:407
23 Feb23:0008:3009:158
24 Feb00:0009:0010:306
25 Feb00:3008:3009:207
26 Feb23:3008:3009:507
27 Feb00:3009:2010:256

01 Feb68.4 kgvx0€
02 Feb68.0 kgxx6€
03 Feb68.0 kgvv8€
04 Feb67.8 kgvx6€
05 Feb68.1 kgvx11€
06 Feb67.7 kgvv0€
07 Feb68.0 kgxx8€
08 Feb67.9 kgvx6€
09 Feb68.2 kgvx12€
10 Feb68.0 kgvv5€
11 Feb68.3 kgvv6€
12 Feb68.0 kgvv0€
13 Feb68.0 kgvx7€
14 Feb68.1 kgvx9€
15 Feb67.9 kgvx5€
16 Feb68.1 kgvv0€
17 Feb68.3 kgxx8€
18 Feb68.5 kgvx7€
19 Feb68.0 kgvv0€
20 Feb68.5 kgvx8€
21 Feb68.4 kgvx5€
22 Feb68.0 kgvv0€
23 Feb67.8 kgvv0€
24 Feb68.2 kgvx7€
25 Feb68.3 kgvx5€
26 Feb68.1 kgvv16€
27 Feb68.5 kgxx0€

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Very well written and detailed articulation of the efforts. It shows how health conscious you are?

 2 months ago Reveal Comment