Splinterlands Land Presale anyone?

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Hello and welcome to this SPinvest post
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Hello and good Sunday to all, it's looks into this Splinterlands land presale that will be taking place very soon. If you live under a rock and do no know what Splinterlands is, where have you been? Splinterlands is the next generation of collectable card games that is rated as the number 1 game on dapprader.com over 5k per day daily users. Im just gonna assume you have heard of Splinterlands.

(Image taken from @splinterlands announcement post)

New Game

In a nutshell, it looks to be a game similar to Prospectors with a different theme. From the jest, if it, it looks like you buy some land which you can resale, rent are use to produce goods are services to sell to other players in the actual Splinterlands card/battle game. The concept is easy enough to understand as there are many games out there already like this. The one thing Splinterlands Land has that others don't is the number 1 blockchain game as a marketplace meaning theres are already thousands of potential customers waiting for goods to be produced.

Is it an investment for SPinvest

SPinvest likes games and has made good money from dcity and more recently rasing star. I personally don't play Splinterlands as its not my thing. I bought into the card presale before the game launched, I tried it out when it was released and it did not float my boat so now I just HODL my cards which has worked out nicely as an investment. Splinterlands has a huge following and there's money there to be had and i think (hope) a bunch will flow into this new game. As said before, Splinterlands Land is not a standalone game as it has the main Splinterlands game providing the marketplace. This is a massive safety net and greatly reduces the risk from an investors point of view.

Let's have a look at the presale figures to give us an idea of how land is split up from the post click here that @splinterlands released yesterday.

The 150,000 plots will be organized into 150 separate Regions, each containing 1,000 contiguous plots. Each Region will be further divided into 10 Tracts which will each contain 100 contiguous plots.
Players will have the opportunity to buy claims for a whole Tract, or even an entire Region in the presale. In addition to offering a discounted cost for "buying in bulk", there will be significant advantages to having land plots in close proximity to each other.

150 regions - 150 total regions
10 Tracts per region - 1,500 total tracts
100 individual plots per tracts - 150,000 total plots



We see that each plot will cost around $10 with a discounts of roughly 15% when buying a tract and 25% when buying a region. The discounts figures might change as they are marked with a star. We can also see the each presale timeframe has a limited amount of plots for sale as well.

My gut instinct is telling me that this will be a good long term investment based on the numbers above, they are valuing all the land at a max value of $2.2 million before 15% and 25% discounts are included for bulk buyers but how many people will spend $1000 are $7500 on a game? Not many but I guess some and so they could collect around $2 million from selling land. It's highly debated what Splinterlands is worth but I can say without a doubt they have sold much more than this in monster cards and I think it will be sold out in 1 years time.

There are just under 2 weeks until the presale begins and they have lots of options for payment. Spinvest has just over 7,000 liquid HIVE and £1200 tether at its disposal and im thinking buying a tract is right up our street. My mind might change a hundred times between now and then as im excited but right now, im thinking $1000 is just over 2% of the total fund. If we buy-in on the first round of presale and just HODL, in theory, this should produce a profit because of the price increases each presale round. This means we can invest and if we don't like the game or find it difficult to produce goods to sell because of required resources are additional investments, we can always exit after presale for a profit. I don't see a lot of risks here if most plots sell out. I would not be surprised to see them do a "Kickstarter" as they did with SteemMonsters which was very successful and hit its target.

Possible Pool?

Im not sure, it would require another SPinvest member to run it. With the recent wLEO thing, maybe not the best time to be creating another big pool. Im down for it as bigger equals more power when it comes to governance and bonuses. Just throwing the idea out there.

Final thoughts

This is a big thing and Splinterlands is a very popular blockchain chain with over 5,000 daily players. I think they will sell out the pre-sales and this is a relatively risk-free investment for SPinvest. The fact that is has a proven history of being able to sell millions of pack of cards is also reassuring.

I have said, SPinvest might buy a tract but my mind might change after some feedback from comments are others that have more information. I don't play the Splinterlands game but I've played land-based time management games and i think i understand how this game will play out, the fundamentals anyways.

Let me know what you think!!!

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This announcement piqued my interest when I first read it.

The ability to rent out land on one of the most popular blockchain games for a passive income seems like a no brainer for the fund.

Make it happen :)

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I'll make it happen :)

I cant see how we lose money unless it's really unpopular.

Thank you for your feedback buddy

I think I'm going to try and scrounge up enough funds for a tract for myself. I can't see this being a total bust so I'm like you in hoping that at minimum the value of the plots will increase even if the game itself isn't my cup of tea.

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Its a solid plan my friend.

Good chance of profit and an exit if required :)

I would vote to put $1000 in there to buy some land. I believe the thinking you spelled out in this post is sound.

It will likely turn into a good long term investment. The odds are that this land will appreciate at a minimum of 20% per year which is SPInvest's baseline.

If the game continues to grow at a nice rate or has a big breakthrough, then it could end up providing an enormous return.

Since I am not into Splinterlands either, I am not sure how the land is tied to the game but as long as someone knows, I think this a valid idea.

Yes, we'll go for a tract bcause we get a special sign beside our name in the game. If we can produce goods to sell, we'll do that. If nobody wants to run it for SPinvest, we'll rent the land and make money passively. Sounds easy?

Thank you for your comment and feedback, means alot :)

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I will be all in for managing the land for SPI. I myself want to buy a tract for me but Hive prices at current level is going against me.

@r1s2g3 - Do you hold any SPI tokens? Would i know you by another handle?

I am all up for it.

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Looks like a few people are up for it, so it looks like we are on a countdown timer.

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The presale seems to be a good investment with 50% off. But not everyone will get it. AND you also get some tickets to the lottery.

I choose to invest in the uniswap pool the get land for free.Thats my way in. Dont want to buy DEC just now.

Yea, i seen about the raffle ticket but never mentioned them as im lazy to explain them, lol

Im gonna get SPinvest in by just using Paypal are USDT if they take it. I think aggroed hates tether so maybe not, haha

Thanks for stopping by and dropping some feedback man, appreciate it

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Could be a winner, I think you can rent it out too! I would be down to get in a pool with Dec, Wleo again and land purchase.

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JK had said about it but im not sure if he's up for running a pool. I'll need to ask him and see what he says. SPinvest will most likely buy a tract for $850 but if there is a pooled effort, we might aim for a region. It's alot of money $7500 and SPinvest would be going $1000min-1500 max.

SPinvest will not bother with the uniswap pool as we are still selling LEO's to replace the 4.7 ETH we lost.

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Could be a winner, I think you can rent it out too! I would be down to get in a pool with Dec, Wleo again and land purchase.

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Cool, good to know.

I have been talking with Ray from Brofund to see if we could gather enough together to buy a region. Was talking with Markymark and he's thinking about buying everything!! lol