Should SPinvest do this idea?

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Hello and welcome to this SPinvest post
SPinvest is a tokenized investment fund/club for all users of social blockchains. Everyone is welcome! The concept of SPinvest is to get rich slowly by using time tested methods of earning, saving and compounding long term. This lets SPinvest offer an ROI of 20% per year on SPI tokens. We encourage long term investing on and off the blockchain. We hope someday everyone will HODL some SPI tokens that can be bought directly from @spinvest are through the hive-engine


What do you guys think about this idea??
Let's build some interaction on the HIVE blockchain! Let's inspire people to design cool imagines, let's try something new and that nobody else is doing!!

T-Shirt design contest?

00:00 - 00.51 ----- Intro
00.52 - 04.34 ----- SPEW pool update and buying back out ETH
04.35 - 06.12 ----- SPI token price
06.13 - 09.38 ----- T-shirt design contest idea
09.39 - 13.59 ----- EDS tokens and team building
14.00 - 21.31 ----- TRX liquidity stake
21-32 - Finish ------ Outro

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Can someone please explain me, why I didn't get any dividend? :)

I had at least 10 SPI for more than 2 weeks (and a bit less for the rest of the time). So the average SPI for the last 30 days should be at least 3 SPI (probably more than 5)

With over 0.5 SPI per 100 SPI this should easily be enough to get a dividend.

I know it's only a really small amount, but still

(By the way: the token information on Hive-engine says, that the dividend is paid out in HIVE. Could that be updated?)


The 30-day average is an avg holding for 30 days. So if you hold 10 tokens for 15 days out the past 30 days, you have an avg holding of 5 tokens for 30 days.

The code scans and snapshots daily so your holding should be included, the problem is SPI tokens are 2 decimal tokens so your holding might be too small to register.

I have changed the hive-engine info thing. Thanks for the update :)

The 30-day average is an avg holding for 30 days. So if you hold 10 tokens for 15 days out the past 30 days, you have an avg holding of 5 tokens for 30 days.


Yes. I did understand that.

But like I said: that would probably mean an avg holding of 5 (or more) tokens for me.

5 * 0.53/100 = 0.0265 which is more than 0.01.

I checked my transactions and there is no way that I have an avarage of below 2 SPI for the last 30 days.

Hello, I am a Spinvest token holder, although a little is only 2.79 coins and there are 10 EDS tokens. with almost the same value, EDS token has received payout rewards several times every week. But, regarding Spinvest, is the amount of 2.79 Spinvest too small below the minimum to get a reward like what I received from the EDS token. Please enlighten me regarding that, thank you

As I understood, it's the 30 day avg that matters. If you have that 2.79 SPI for a month already, it should be enough. If you just got it the last days your dividend would be below 0.01 SPI, which is not enough.

Okay, I see. I get SPInvest 18 days ago,

okay, it means that the divident for SPinvest token holders is an SPI token too, yes, I still think it is the same as the EDS token which gives dividends every week. with the EDS token I get a hive

If I got the numbers right it's 2.79 SPI * 18/30 *0.59/100 = 0.0098766 SPI

As this is below 0.01 SPI you probably didn't get anything.

Yeah, the dividend was paid out in HIVE before, but it was changed to SPI until they run out of it.

Okay, thank you very much for your calculation.

So, with my ammount I think I will not a benefit from SPI except a price when I sell it? Or it will accomulate next time?

What your suggestion ?

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Your 30 day average will be higher next Sunday (2.79 * 25 /30). So you could get a small dividend, depending on this week's profit. The dividend is different from week to week.

I can't really give you suggestions. But I would either buy more SPI or sell them all. I will buy some more, if they are not too expensive.

Good to hear about the positive outcome in the end for SPEW, many thanks to @jk6276!
T-shirts - nice idea, could we have some designed with a scoop neck.

You got a pair of scissors?

Hehe - the design is always too far up the t-shirt to be able to cut away the neckline. 3/4 sleeves would be good, too 😁

I own

I can put up a part of the site for spinvest to put up the shirts with the winning logos and just give the profits of those to SPI

cool site, Being able to pay in more than HIVE is deffo an advantage.

I'll wait and see if there is any interest first but good to know , thank you for the offer my friend

A very informative video.

Question about the exchange tokens: is that a good idea with the explosion of DeFi? It could be a situation where the CEX starts to get hit and the tokens value start to move south. Binance will obviously hold strong but some of the second tier could be in trouble as uniswap and others gain in strength.

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I'd think there is enough room for all the play along. Uniswap to me is just an ETH token swapping tool. Its a dead tool for BTC holders, i've never used Uniswap 1 time personally. Traditional crypto exchanges offer tons more trading options, exchange between all crypto and let us cash in and out of crypto with fiat. What you give your bank details to Uniswap? are something like it? I view Uniswap as an extra tool in the arsenal of the crypto trader/investor.

There's a very slim chance of an exchange token being released anyways.