TreeCard : The wooden debit card that plants trees, powered by Ecosia.

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TreeCard gives anyone a free debit card that reforestes the planet with your daily payments
TreeCard powered by Ecosia, a free debit card, easy to use, and a host of features for help, online and physical stores, and they use these fees to plant trees for you, grow your forest, nature needs it, daily payments you plant a tree, a token fee, and Ecosia grow a tree and in. All over the world and more than 100 million trees
TreeCard provides a debit card without fees that protects the environment and a new wooden card from MasterCard for use at any online merchant or in the store and easy to use.
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The card looks very cool, and somehow it looks too good to be true... I hope that I'm wrong about that...

Btw... It would be great if you can deposit funds in crypto... Do you have any info on that?