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Hey everyone!

Hope you all enjoyed the last article on my 3 go-to hard-capped crypto assets. Today we're going to be going over the 3 cryptocurrencies that I find easiest to earn on a daily basis.

I also feel like these would be the easiest for most beginners to start earning, especially if you're really into social media. If you're looking to connect with others who are into crypto and earn some really great altcoins in the process you'll want to see what's on this list.

But let's get into it!

  1. Hive

Hive is my absolute favorite project in crypto and the project that I earn the most from content creation. Hive allows you to earn crypto in too many ways to name. But one of the easiest ways to explain Hive is a network of social media platforms that allow you to earn cryptocurrency for interacting with others. It's a decentralized super community of groups that have decided to come together, have fun, and do cool stuff on a blockchain.

You can earn hive for activities similar to what you'd do on Reddit, Tumblr, Youtube, Twitter, Soundcloud, and much more. Basically, Hive has a clone of almost any popular social media platform you can think of. Hive also has some of its own innovative platforms as well that just wouldn't be possible without the blockchain component of the platform.

Hive has set inflation of its token supply that allows for a reward pool to be created from which all token holders who've powered up hive earn. This along with its fancy Delegated Proof of Stake system make earning easy if you're willing to interact with the others.

  1. Lbry Credits


Odysee is another of my favorite apps in crypto. This is a great platform for earning cryptocurrency for your content over the long term. Odysee gives you ownership of your and each individual piece of content you choose to share.

On Odysee users can earn Lbry Credits for posting videos, graphics, photos, 3D designs, audio files, games, and more. And they’ve recently added a live-streaming feature.

The reward system on the Odysee platform is different than what you’ll get on hive. The LBC token is a proof of work coin and is hard-capped. Users can earn more Lbc on the platform by staking Lbc to their content in exchange for more attention. The views they receive are rewarded in Lbc.

  1. Bitcoin Cash


Bitcoin cash is last but certainly not least. I’m still learning about a lot of the tools and features built around Bitcoin Cash, but the more time I spend with the tools the more I’m liking Bitcoin Cash.

The more time goes on, the more I see Bitcoin Cash is one of the major cash networks in crypto. It’s used globally for a lot more than just earning to share content online, you can actually buy things on Amazon with BCH and a lot more.

But for the easiest way to get Bitcoin Cash is through content creation. They have great platforms like noise.cash, read.cash, and lazy fox.io that give you plenty of opportunities to get started earning some extra BCH. Again, it’s just a matter of participation.

But these are the three best daily earners for me. These are real cryptocurrencies that I’m earning that’s actually on a blockchain RIGHT NOW.

You can get logged in and earn crypto to watch or read content, comment, support others, or create content for yourself. Check out this free Ebook to get more details on how to get started and maximize your earnings on these platforms!


But the platforms that allow me to earn from these platforms all have their own unique specialties. Hive is really about respecting stakers votes within the community. Odysee is about ownership of your account and your content. And Bitcoin is a big-time Cash network.

What cryptocurrencies are you earning on a daily though?

(Only real blockchains, 🙅🏾‍♂️ blockchain simulators)